World Cup

Fans have never before been in jaw dropping stadiums like those heading into the 1st game of the World Cup on the 20th.

The Jules Rimet trophy, better known as the FIFA World Cup Trophy, on display at the National Football Museum in Manchester, England

Ank Kumar, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The Jules Rimet trophy, better known as the FIFA World Cup Trophy, on display at the National Football Museum in Manchester, England

November has arrived, which means we’re now officially less than a month away from the 1st group stage matches of the 2022 World Cup hosted in Qatar. Not only will this be the most expensive world cup. According to Sportskeeda 220 billion USD has been put into 8 glorious stadiums. Now that the extensive yet basic numbers have been introduced, it is now time to show you just how insane of a world cup this is going to be purely because of the amazing match ups in the group stage matches played in Qatar this year.

Even though the stadiums built are magnificent, many people died and slaved away building them. Many were built into the walls even.

In the World Cup, there are eight groups total with 4 national competitive teams in each group, making a total of the best 32 countries duking it out this year under the newly made stadium lights. Each group has teams that are statistically more likely to go through to the knockouts yet futbol fans around the world will tell you that sometimes those underdogs really surprise you with really special players or plays. For example, in our own group for the Americans, we are in group B with the 4 teams as followed: United states, Wales, England and Iran. All teams are good, yet the statistically more liked is England.

Unless you look at the fact that All 3 other countries have gotten much stronger through their years from recruitment and overly better developed soccer. The best part of this all is that all the other groups have clearly known strong teams like Brazil or France, yet they also have teams that aren’t known as well but do in fact play beautiful futbol as they know the pitch like it’s the back of their hand. These types of teams would be countries like Switzerland and Ghana.

Teams that aren’t favored to make it but will surely put-up stupendous playing time that everyone will realize that is what makes the world cup so popular to watch and is worth every penny. Make sure to mark your calendars for November 20th, as that is the first official 2022 world cup Qatar group stage match which holds 2 interesting play making teams, a group A battle with Qatar vs Ecuador. Qatar does not necessarily have strong individual players, but they can move the ball well enough to put a few in the back of the net. Ecuador however has some key players, Antonio Valencia and Antonio Benitez being just two.

Have you ever decorated your car like this? Many fans from around the world bring family and friends to witness such a special 4-year event!

This team can also move the ball around very well, with also an addition of having some forceful attackers too. The reason why the group stages are so exciting though is the pure joy and fact of all of these various details and statistics never can really predict the exact outcome, sometimes it can be actually quite far off. Because of this, betting, cheering and also booing become more eventful and entertaining as random occurrences on the pitch will always come to eventually make you think, wow.