Trump’s Tweets

A report on how 45th President, Donald Trump is portraying himself in the public eye.

President Donald Trump stating his controversial view on the topic of whether or not trans people should serve in the military.

President Donald Trump stating his controversial view on the topic of whether or not trans people should serve in the military.

Trump is no stranger to Twitter.  He’s had his fair share of hot takes posted there, argued about and contemplated. The main problem people have with these tweets is the uncivilized manner in which his opinions are presented. We’ve never had a platform like this used by a president to present their opinions on topics that are controversial. The uncivilized part of the statements are consistent with the fact that Trump has always been a very outspoken and brash man. There’s no doubt that this has never mattered before in his life; however, now not only does he have arguably the highest pedestal to preach his rhetoric from, but also one of the most convenient and efficient platforms to do so.


Lafayette Sophomore Joey Sims is visibly annoyed with how Trump continuously disrespects the importance of the controversial topics he weighs in on.

The reason his tweets have such an impact is because of how easily accessible they are. They reach even as far as sixteen year old Lafayette Sophomore Joseph Sims. “He should not be tweeting the opinions that he is,” Sims stated.  “However, it really worked for him in the election and they happen to be very funny.”

His Classmate, Lafayette Sophomore Caden James, believes there will be major consequences for 45th President’s choices.  “He is most likely going to get impeached because his own attorney is testifying against him,” James said.    “His tweets are funny, however, they make him seem like a bigoted idiot.”


It’s no surprise with his background as a reality TV producer and star that Trump is sticking out like a sore thumb among the crowd. It’s gotten to the point where most people who look at the tweets are just ashamed that this man who is supposed to be representing our country as Commander In Chief is making a mockery out of the office he holds.  Instead of keeping a non-biased and calm profile on the platform Trump throws all his opinions out onto the table and actively seeks out those who oppose him claiming them to be liars or non American.

Lafayette Sophomore Caden James smiles after giving his input on how Trump chooses to address the American people.

The main issue the public has with his twitter is the lack of compassion or empathy he has when posting what he feels. He had no self control when writing about things like deportation or the ICE agency, when there were families being split up and children being thrown into detention centers. He stayed steadfast in congratulating the agents separating these families and calling the reporters who criticized him on the statements he made fakes.

In the end he’s deliberately using this public service to voice his private opinions, and whereas in a private business where he used to work that is fine, as president of the United States of America it is unacceptable to make such crude remarks about such sensitive topics–especially when he is directly involved and sometimes even responsible for the controversy of the situation at hand.