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Yeats New Album 2093

Yeats long awaited album 2093…

Yeat an emerging rapper from 2022 gained recognition from his entrance to the rap scene. First considered an underground artist for months he was hard to discover. He had gotten attention from critics and fans and made a huge growth. Energetic beats and raw lyricism and unique vocals. Songs like “Sorry Bout That” and “Lyin 4 Fun “created a dedicated fanbase through SoundCloud and minimal fans on Spotify. An artist on the rise has gained millions of followers and became a pillar of the rap genre. Lyrics about money, drugs, scamming, and the life of rapper is what his lyrics typically consist of. Releasing three albums in 2021 and 2 albums as well as a deluxe in 2022. This had really put him on the map in the rap scene. Numbers of the charts grew, and fans wanted more. Leakers releasing music under burner accounts all over streaming apps is what people craved. Yeat had made a significant impact on listeners. Quickly making collaborations with rappers like Autumn and Summrs, and joining the Slayworld label. He wasn’t part of this label for too long following arguments with other members. Still continuing to make singles and creating many other projects he is a prominent rapper.

Yeats new album titled 2093 had released on February 16th, 2024. Yeats longest album at 78 minutes consisting of 29 tracks split into three phases has taken the music industry and fans by breath. The production of the album was very edgy and different. Yeat had made appearances in different countries all over Europe.

The marketing was all over social media and displayed in the public. Dark and edgy colors and a dystopian experiment. 2093 was displayed all over buildings like the world had been invaded. Yeat had left behind his modern rage, trap beats and experimented with futuristic and dystopian beats to create a apocalyptic like atmosphere.

His discography has consisted of 4 whole albums as well as a few singles and many features. Up 2 Me was his first album consisting of his very popular “bell sounds” This is his iconic thing as well as Twizzy Rich or Twizzy. 2093 his most recent album tends to distance itself from the past Yeat. Kanye West had also released

a very anticipated album similar to yeats release date. With all of the Kanye drama storming media lately, Ye received the spotlight. Both highly anticipated albums had gone head-to-head with each other. Yeats album had recieved a lot of hate, people had considered this his worst album and most overrated. Exploring different instruments and different beats is not what the fans prefer. People say it is comparable to a lightweight Travis Scott album.  Yeat has been seen all over media like Instagram and TikTok as well as Twitter. Yeats 2093 was projected to make 75-80 thousand in its first week which put it in contention for top 1 billboard. Ye’s carnival being a close second was out streamed by 2093’s best song. Yeat hasn’t done much experimenting, this is his first time, and fans don’t seem to agree with it, he probably will lose fans.




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