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Rust Beginners Guide

What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game developed by Facepunch studios.  Rust was released February 8, 2018. Rust is available on windows and MacOS. Rust was also recently released on console. Its available for Xbox one and PlayStation 4. In rust you can build bases out of materials you farm. Most bases at the start are usually stone and wood but as you advance and get better loot you can upgrade it to metal. You can also run around and find loot in containers and scrap them to get better weapons. Scrap is one of the most important materials for people who just started in the world. The world resets when a certain amount of time is passed. You can choose from a week or a month depending on what server you choose. This makes every time you play it’s different. You can also choose how many players you want to go against ranging from 60-100.

This is a picture of a tier list of components that will give you the best materials. (

How to get started

The first thing you should do is find the perfect build spot for your base. People usually build near monuments so they can loot them and not have to run across the map to secure the loot in the base. After you find your build spot you should start farming stone and wood and build your base. Once you’ve done that you should go out and loot those monuments that you built close to earlier. The Dome usually doesn’t have a lot of people but in case you do run into someone you should always have a bow when you start out. I would recommend you make poncho and cloth clothes because the Dome has radiation that will hurt you. When you look everything go to the recycler and recycle everything that looks metal except for a fuse to get scrap and metal frags so you can a tier 1 work bench. This will make your life a lot easier with crafting good starter weapons.

This is a picture of a starter base. (Screen Rant)

Deadly Monuments

Now that you have starter gear you can now go get green card which you can find at oxum’s gas station. At the start of the wipe, you should always expect someone to be there. The green card respawns every half an hour so you should have no problem getting it. Once you have that, you can make your way over to satellite and put the fuse in, and open green card room so you can get the blue card. Water Treatment is my personal favorite because there’s not a lot of people that go there, and it gives you good loot and heals. This also give you a red card used for Lauch site. Launch site is a little risky but it’s worth it. For this you will need a hazmat suit and a row of bandages because you still get radiation inside the building. While doing this you need to be very careful about a big tank that patrols the area and people that come there. While inside you never want your health to dip below 60. If you get lucky spawns you could get the best weapon in the game (AK-47) and c4. The weapon will help you win person vs. person battles easier and the c4 will help you raid enemies on the server. You can research the items so you can craft them and don’t have to worry about getting them again. After you know those monuments, you can now do harder monuments and earn better loot.

This is a Picture of the monument Water Treatment. (Wakia)
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