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Lafayette Holiday Door Contest

The teachers of Lafayette High School all decorated a door. Who will win?

At Lafayette High School, the teachers all have decorated their doors. Who was the best? Who won? Did you vote? After some quick look arounds at the school I have concluded my personal favorites.

Starting with Mrs. Grant, her door was a snowman snow globe with snow made of stuffing for pillows all around. Her door was also blue which matched the bright blue lights following along the outer edges of the door, and coming from the ceiling there are big four snowflakes dangling down. Along with the snowman, snow, and lights there are snowflakes made of coffee filters on the door which gives it a nice touch. It gets a few points because I helped work on it some with my friend.

My second favorite and my only other favorite, is my Mr. Moore. His door is quite silly in my opinion but I love it. The faces of the reindeer are everything to me. My favorite one is the one all the way to the left. It has big ol eyes that stare into your soul, along with a goofy smile. The middle deer, has a red nose and one big goofy smile. honestly all three of them have big goofy smiles and its the best thing ever.

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