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Best Christmas Gifts This Holiday Season

From toys for the younger kids to new video game sets for teenagers, what are the best gifts for everyone this holiday season?
Hadley Court

As the Christmas season is in full swing and everyone is rushing to find the best gift for their parents, friends, or loved ones, a larger question arises. What might be the best gifts for everyone? Every year, there are always certain specific trends that surround gift-giving and presents around the holiday season. The festive season is celebrated by creating joyous and cheerful memories, many of which come from special gifts with a small tag having Santa written on it. The variety of gifts ranging from toy cars for young children to fancy espresso machines for adults vary each year, leaving givegivers with the ultimate question of what to buy.

Walking through the holiday decorated hall of a mall, a man is rushing to find a good store for gifts. Busy trying to shop and find last minute gifts, shoppers walk the halls of a festive mall, scanning each store for potential presents for their loved ones.

One of the most enthusiastic gift receivers of our times are the younger kids who desperately and impatiently waiting for Santa’s arrival on Christmas morning. According to the New York Magazine, one of the best toy expert resource, the recently released most popular Christmas gifts for children this year are stuffed animals, electric cars, and Barbie Dolls. Although the gift choice might vary from each age of a child, most interactive toys seem to be a popular hit for this year. The new waterproof camera produced by Agoigo, specifically made for kids, seem to be a well liked gift for the diverse age range of 3-12 years old. Moreover, if you are looking for more enlightening and educational gift ideas, science experiment kits by National Geographic have been a well-favored Christmas gift idea. Additionally, older kids/teenagers who are too old for toys, may enjoy more video-game centered gifts, such as the Skylanders game for the Wii and many more.

Wrapped in festive patterns and ribbon, Christmas presents sit under the tree. Waiting to be unwrapped by the family on Christmas morning, the presents are all placed under the brightly lit tree.

In regards to trendy clothing and shoe styles, the mini UGGs and newly popular clothing brand Aelfric Eden, have recently been selling out in all stores due to the high popularity surrounding social media.

One of the most asked question surrounding Christmas presents is what to buy adults or parents? According to CNN, gifts for adults can range from tools for the grill to extravagant designer-brand perfume. Gifts for the house are also a go-to for Christmas presents, such as KitchenAid mixers or sets of tableware.  Do you have someone in mind who loves new and updated technology? Electronics, including Kindles and Apple products, are another great idea for gift ideas for parents or other adults. There are also several ideas if you prefer to save a penny or two while shopping. Inexpensive gifts such as candles or books are also a great, diverse option for any type of person. The holiday season is full of joy and memories, many of which are centered around spending quality time with your loved ones, along with the impact of a thoughtful gift. It is the thought that counts, not the type of gift that is received!

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