• Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

    Blaze Pizza Fundraiser

    September 20, 2016

    Come to Blaze pizza in New Town, this Friday 9/20, before or after the big Lafayette vs Jamestown game, and show the attached picture to support LHS Newspaper! ... READ MORE »»

  • SCA Elections

    SCA Elections

    Stephen Council, Sports Editor

    June 2, 2016

    Student Council elections are in full swing this week, with the vote fast approaching on Friday. This year’s board of officers will be replaced for the 2016-2017 school year. Juniors Dion Bartlett, Kaitlin Rodgers, and McKayla Mills are campaigning for president. All the other elections are uncontested.... READ MORE »»

    McKayla Mills puts up the newest poster of her presidential bid.

  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    Gender Neutral Bathrooms

    Zack Tayman, CFO / Reporter

    May 23, 2016

    Recently, a national debate has erupted throughout America. Should gender neutral bathrooms be introduced on a national scale and be provided in all public places? Gender neutral bathrooms would benefit the majority of society, and benefit people who have a difficult time identifying their gender.... READ MORE »»

    Activist parade down the street at a lgbtq pride rally

  • New Auxiliary Gym Planned for Lafayette

    New Auxiliary Gym Planned for Lafayette

    Stephen Council, Sports Editor

    May 20, 2016

    The 2015-2016 school year has been a successful one, defined by various personal accomplishments and shared community moments. 2016-2017, however, lies murky and clouded in the future, filled with uncertainties. Lafayette’s volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball, field hockey, and cheerleading... READ MORE »»

    Lafayette's current gym is in high demand during sports seasons. The auxiliary gym will provide much needed space.

  • Struggling with Stress? You’re Not Alone

    Struggling with Stress? You’re Not Alone

    Maggie Dwyer, Editor-in-Chief

    May 20, 2016

    Stress is increasingly prevalent in the lives of high school students. The months of May and June are even more anxiety-inducing for teenagers due to AP exams, final exams, and SOLs. These three different tests hold a lot of weight for some people. Success on the AP exams means that some colleges will... READ MORE »»

    Senior David Domalski feels the pressure of last year responsibilities. On top of AP and final exams, seniors struggle with the stress of college applications and decision making.

As Parties Choose Nominees, Who Will Be their Running Mates?

Nick Mueller, Reporter

   At this point in an election year, focus shifts from the nominees from each party to whom they will choose to be their running mate. There are many opposing theories for how to pick a vice-presidential nominee. Some ...  Read More »

June 14, 2016 • 0 comments

Wasserman-Schultz Under Fire

Jacob Eck, Reporter

We all know how chaotic the 2016 presidential election has been on the Republican side. With Donald Trump becoming the presumptive nominee for the Republican Party, almost all news outlets have put their focus on what s...  Read More »

June 9, 2016 • 0 comments

Monkey Business Leads to Wrongful Gorilla Death

Maggie Dwyer, Editor-in-Chief

A 17 year-old was shot to death at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio on Saturday, May 28. However, the teenage victim was not a patron of the zoo, but rather a silverback gorilla named Harambe whose breed falls on the endangered...  Read More »

June 9, 2016 • 0 comments

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The NBA finals

Courtesy of Rashawn Smith

Queshon shoots from behind the 3 point line.

The NBA finals

Rashawn Smith, reporter

The NBA finals are finally here and we have the best team in the East and the best team in the west. It’s a rematch between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The Golden state warriors look to win back...  Read More »

June 10, 2016 • 0 comments

Lafayette Soccer Headed to States

June 8, 2016

Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays Brawl

May 23, 2016

Lady Rams soccer move onto conferences

May 23, 2016

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Our Graduating Seniors: Soccer

Reeves Trott- William and Mary
David Domalski- University of South Carolina
Matt Beatty- Mary Washington
Benji Andrews- Virginia Tech
Colin Corlett- University of Arizona
Tobi Yanez- University of Virginia
DeShawn Hilt- Ferrum College
Jason Eckonrode- Air Force Academy
Reed Richardson- James Madison University
Tom Poge- Ferrum College


Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

Taylor Hammett, Reporter

The third Captain America movie in the Marvel Series hit theaters on May 6, 2016. On the first day alone, the movie brought in $75.253 million dollars.  Since then the movie has brought in over $300 million dollars in...  Read More »

June 10, 2016 • 0 comments

Lafayette Continues to Impress With the One Acts

June 10, 2016

LGBT Representation in Entertainment

June 9, 2016

X-Men: Apocalypse Movie Review

June 9, 2016

Fine Arts Night

June 9, 2016

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