• November 16Boys placed 9th out of 12 teams with Loudon Valley placing 1st with 47pts

  • November 16Basketball, Swimming and Track are just starting up, so stay tuned for scores!

  • November 12Boys XC Places 9th in State, Steck 3rd

  • Retro Daddio’s, a Unique Shopping Experience

    Retro Daddio’s, a Unique Shopping Experience

    Isabella Cyrus, Op-Ed Editor

    January 26, 2017

    Located on Monticello Ave is undoubtedly one of the most unique store Williamsburg has to offer. As soon as you step foot inside Retro Daddio, it is nearly impossible to not be intrigued. From classic Marilyn Monroe and Elvis merchandise to Harry Potter and Star Trek, this store certainly has a lot to...

  • Future of Solar Roofs

    Future of Solar Roofs

    Zack Tayman, Chief Editor / CFO

    November 3, 2016

    In a time where the effects of global warming are more apparent than ever, the need for renewable energy is growing steadily. Cars, farms, the increasing population, and mining the Earth for nonrenewable resources are the biggest contributors to environmental changes. The simplest way to halt global...

  • Spirit Week 2016

    Spirit Week 2016

    Tatum Sybert, Reporter

    October 26, 2016

    From the beginning of the academic year, students anticipate the excitement of Spirit Week. In the past few years at Lafayette, the SCA has chosen Spirit Week days such as the popular ‘Merica Monday and Tropical Tuesday. This year, the 2016-2017 SCA has chosen to do things a little differently. This...

    Heaven Heatherly, Jessica Link, Rachel Lia, Chase Bauer, Paige McKenzie, Kelly Carroll, Abby Crabtree, and Emaline Carr participate in day two of spirit week; Old vs. New, dressed as extraterrestrials.

  • The Future of Farms

    The Future of Farms

    Zack Tayman, CFO / Chief Editor

    October 14, 2016

    As the moral stance of vegetarians and vegans gains popularity and members of the community increases, the desire for a more realistic meat substance is reaching an all-time high. Laboratories and companies all across the globe are trying to genetically modify stem cells of chicken and cows and other...

    A sheep at Colonial Williamsburg represents the millions of animals that Supermeat could save lives.

  • SCA Elections

    SCA Elections

    Stephen Council, Sports Editor

    June 2, 2016

    Student Council elections are in full swing this week, with the vote fast approaching on Friday. This year’s board of officers will be replaced for the 2016-2017 school year. Juniors Dion Bartlett, Kaitlin Rodgers, and McKayla Mills are campaigning for president. All the other elections are uncontested....

    McKayla Mills puts up the newest poster of her presidential bid.

Terrorist Attack in London, England

Terrorist Attack in London, England

Hannah Potter, Reporter

With terrorism spreading and groups like ISIS becoming more powerful, the rest of the world has been on high alert for any terrorist related violence. Recently terrorist have been targeting Europe, but there have still been attacks elsewhere around the globe. The most recent attack was in London, England on M...

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Bomb Scare At Lafayette High School

Bomb Scare At Lafayette High School

Luis Merced, Zack Tayman, Bella Cyrus, and Abby Crabtree

If this situation were to happen again, confidence can be instilled in the public that WJCC’s number one priority is the safety of its students.

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2017 Choral Assessments

2017 Choral Assessments

Kelsey Huckins, Reporter

“I am extremely proud of my students in both their performance and volunteering and helping put this event on because it is a lot of work." -Mr. Rapach

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Our Graduating Seniors: Soccer

Reeves Trott- William and Mary
David Domalski- University of South Carolina
Matt Beatty- Mary Washington
Benji Andrews- Virginia Tech
Colin Corlett- University of Arizona
Tobi Yanez- University of Virginia
DeShawn Hilt- Ferrum College
Jason Eckonrode- Air Force Academy
Reed Richardson- James Madison University
Tom Poge- Ferrum College


Logan Movie Review

Logan Movie Review

Justin Wilson, Journalist

Marvel has come out with another cinematic masterpiece. “Logan” is one of the best Wolverine movies released, taking place in the year 2029 when the mutant race is on the verge of extinction. The birthrate of mutants...

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“Beauty and the Beast” Wows Audiences

March 30

Kong:Skull island

March 30

Power Rangers Movie Review

Power Rangers Movie Review

March 29

2017 Choral Assessments

2017 Choral Assessments

March 28

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