The Blair Witch

Legend has it that the Blair Witch still haunts Burkesville to this day. Would you go looking for the witch?


It all started in Burkesville Maryland, a small Christian town. With a population of about 157 people, nothing is a secret including the ominous dwelling of the Blair witch. The so called “myth” was born in the early 1800’s when a woman named Ellis Kedward was caught luring young children deep into the woods and draining them of their blood for reasons unknown. Elly had quite the rough upbringing, her father was murdered as she watched, she was then left to die next to her father but was found and nursed back to health. Ellis’s mother died in child birth, which was not uncommon during this time period. While Ellis was being nursed back to health she learned ancient traditions including Transitus Fluvii, a custom believing an individual can be on multiple planes of reality at once. She was driven to madness by losing seven children to rape and miscarriages, she killed all her offenders one by one. Ellis then submerged herself in witchcraft and became unaware of her actions. She was then captured and kept in isolation for years in Wexford, England. In 1769, the dungeons burned, but she managed to break free and eventually make it to America. She then settled in Blair, Maryland, where she was accused and banished, shortly after, all of her accusers were disappearing.

In the early 1800s, a fiction book was published, which was uncommon for the time period. The book was called “The Blair Witch Cult” and stirred up superstitions in the town. Townspeople started to notice more and more disappearances of children. Followed by odd occurrences, such as, oily sticks where they had last seen the child. “Dismembered search parties were not uncommon”. This became a common trend in the area which was soon founded as Burkittesville. In the 1940’s, seven children went missing and never returned. An old man who lives in the town, Rustin Parr, confesses to murdering them, when finally find the bodies they are murdered in a similar fashion as the search party, dismembered and torn apart. In his confession, he states that an “old lady witch” told him to do so and visits him in the woods near his home. He was convicted and hung for his actions. An eighth child was found, Kyle Brody in Rustin’s basement. No one really knows much about him but interesting things start to accumulate.

Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

None of the children knew who Kyle was, but he knew all of them. That leaves the lingering question; “Was Kyle involved in the murders?” No one is quite sure. As he got older he gained a criminal record and then got committed to the Maryland State Institute for the Criminally Insane. Kyle was also found writing in Transitus Fluvii from right to left correctly. These stories have been made into movies, books, and folk tales. The best fiction writings always have a foot in truth. The movie “The Blair Witch Project” was a film of fiction but all the events were based on real events. The Blair Witch has become a large-scale social media outlet and will live on for generations to come.