Spooky Movie Night Fun!

Scary movies are a good thing to watch on Friday The 13th.


By florafaun, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=50702186

Superstitions about Friday The 13th include haunted houses.

It’s Friday the 13th and many believe in the superstitions of that being an unlucky day. This goes back to biblical times when Jesus had his Last Supper on a Thursday with his 12 guests. total number at the supper? 13! Judas betrayed Jesus afterward, which led to Jesus’ crucifixion the next day a Friday. The number 13 and Friday are considered unlucky when they are combined. As a result this day is seen as a very spooky, scary day.

What’s the best way to enjoy this day? Inviting some friends over and watching a scary movie. Laying out sleeping bags on the floor and closing all the curtains, lighting candles and making popcorn, bringing out sodas, chips and other snacks. And so, the Friday the 13th festivities begin!

Insidious is a great movie to chose for this night, but why ‘Insidious’? Let me tell you about it, then you decide…

Insidious is about a family that moves into a new home. Josh and Renai are the parents and they have two sons named Dalton and Foster and a baby daughter named Cali. In the beginning Dalton is playing upstairs near the attic when the attic door opens by itself. He goes inside and climbs up a ladder to reach the light switch, but he falls and bumps his head. Moments after, he is frightened by something in the dark and he starts top scream. Josh and Renai run to see if he is okay. The mom forbids the kids to go up the attic because it is dangerous.

Candles can add a spooky twist to the movie.

That night Dalton fell asleep into a coma, but the doctors say he is completely healthy and normal. They do not know what he has. They continue to treat him and keep taking tests to find out what is wrong. He is treated at the hospital for three months without any result so they allow the parents to treat him at home. This is when all hell breaks loose and weird things begin to happen. Renai begins to hear voices in Cali’s room. Foster tells his mom that he is scared because he sees Dalton walking around at night and he asks his mom if he can change rooms. Someone bangs at the door at night but no one is there. The alarm system is triggered for no reason and the front door opens out of no where. Josh is now afraid and doesn’t want to come home and calls Renai to tell her he is busy grading work. While Renai is changing Dalton’s bed sheets she notices there is a big red hand mark stain on the sheet. Once Josh comes home late from work, he and Renai get into an argument about how she feels alone. Josh realizes how much she needs him at home.

Later that night, Renai is woken up from a nightmare. She calms down and notices there is someone walking back and forth on her front porch. He continues to walk back and forth and then suddenly ends up in her room and she starts to scream. Josh wakes up from her screaming to go see what is wrong. She says there is someone there but there wasn’t anyone there. She says she wants to move out and Josh goes with it. They move into a new home only to find out the creepy things go on. Can they ever escape it? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

So what do you think? Insidious movie night on Friday The 13th? Watch if you dare…