A Weekend in Williamsburg

The Best Guide to a Fun and Free Weekend in Williamsburg


Just down the road from campus is Lake Matoaka. Sitting near the lake is an Amphitheater and a trail leading to a rope swing. The humidity and heat can get exhausting so cooling off by swinging into the water with a splash is the perfect way to be rejuvenated.

Many people think, “Colonial Williamsburg!” when discussing things to do in the city of Williamsburg. Although the beautiful bricks and the feeling of going back in time are nice, there is so much more to do in Williamsburg. To avoid spending money while enjoying a weekend in Williamsburg, follow this guide to help you achieve maximum fun.

After a long, entertaining, and cheap day around town, a night in sounds like a good idea. Make a delicious dinner, read a book, watch a movie, or sit on the porch stargazing. The perfect end to an exciting day in Williamsburg.

All photos by Lazuli Cristol.