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With 16 episodes in season 1, the show provides a variety of events.

All American

All American takes the world by storm with a 91% rating on rotten tomatoes.

“All American” is all about a young man named Spencer James from Crenshaw, CA a troubled neighborhood filled with gang violence. But Spencer found football. After a great season at Crenshaw High, Spencer is approached by Beverly Hills High School football coach Billy Baker, and after a very convincing talk with Spencer’s mother he decides it is the best opportunity for him to succeed.  Spencer begins living with the Bakers on weekdays and attending Beverly High. Spencer is forced to leave behind his best friend Coop (Tamia Cooper), who is surrounded by gang violence and must find a way out for herself.  Through Spencer’s journey he learns that there are not only problems in Crenshaw but the people in Beverley Hills have problems of their own. Spencer James is played by Daniel Ezra, in the show Spencer is a very humble, respectful, and nice individual who is always trying to give back to his community.

Netflix offers multiple options to meet the customers needs.

Jordan Baker, played by Micheal Behling, is the son of Billy Baker and the quarterback of Beverly High.  His sister Olivia Baker, who suffered from drug addiction and is slowly recovering, is played by Samantha Logan. Star wide receiver and rich boy Asher Adams (Cody Christian) is suffering from his parents’ money loss and relationship problems with Leila Faisal (Greta Onieogou), who is also Spencer James’s crush.

This film was created by April Blair.  Originally there was no plan to have a season 2, but thanks to the fans and great reviews of this show they will be releasing a second season, although a date is not yet disclosed. This show is very appealing to teenagers and people in their early 20’s because it relates to their problems while also providing multiple genres such as sports, drama, romance.

There are not many complaints I have about the new Netflix show All American. Each episode is 42 minutes which is not too long or too short, and provides 16 episodes in season 1. The characters in shows can often be off at times, but these actors are very fit for each of their roles and come together for a very good cast.  In many Netflix shows acting can be a problem, but this show is very well scripted and produced, although the football scenes are rather cheesy.

This show is simply a roller coaster of events, the drama will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what could possibly happen that is crazier than the previous scene. I believe season 1 was just a foundation for what will be a great season 2.  Over all, Season 1 is a must watch that will have you hooked from the start.


Narcos: Mexico

The series of Narcos is based on the true story of Colombian drug cartels, cocaine, and the US DEA agents that worked to bring them down. The first episode aired in August in 2015, taking the viewers by storm, earning countless of good reviews. The first two seasons focus on the Medellin Cartel and their infamous leader, Pablo Escobar.

The Netflix Original Narcos: Mexico has only one season so far, but a second season is coming. Miguel Filex Gallardo, AKA El Padrino (The Godfather), is pictured here with his wife and Don Neto in the back.

The third season shifts focus to the Cali Cartel, which came to the spotlight after the fall of the Medellin Cartel. After the third season of Narcos, no one expected a successor to the show, but then Narcos: Mexico released in November of 2018.

The first and only season so far of Narcos: Mexico brings viewers back to the 1980’s where the drug war, that continues to this day, started. The show starts in the unorganized drug trafficking world of Mexico, where a confederation of growers and dealers, who were mainly independent, coexisted. In this show, you’ll follow the rise of an Empire, the Guadalajara Cartel. The Cartel was led by Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, who was called El Padrino (“The Godfather) by his alias. He started the unified cartel with his partners Rafael Caro Quintero, otherwise known as ‘Rafa,’ and Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, known as ‘Don Neto.’ This show will also take you on the journey of a family man and DEA agent Kiki Camarena and his endless work to figure out what was happening in Mexico. As Kiki gets deeper into his findings surrounding Félix Gallardo and the cartel, tragic and unexpected events portray that would go on to shape the drug war we know as of today.

Narcos: Mexico is filled with tons of great actors and actresses who put on great performances in the series first season. Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, my personal favorite character, is played by Diego Luna, a Mexican actor, director, and producer. Michael Peña performs the role of DEA agent Kiki Camarena. Peña is known as an American actor and musician, who has acted in many popular movies. Rafael Caro Quintero is played by Tenoch Huerta, who is featured in Mónica Maristain’s book 30 Actors Made in Mexico. Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo is played by Mexican actor joaquín cosio. A paid associate of Félix Gallardo in the Netflix series, Isabella, is played by Mexican actress Teresa Ruiz. She has been rewarded several Best Actress awards internationally and is a Lifetime Member of the Actors Studio. The series of Narcos has a narrator for each season. Narcos: Mexico is narrated by the character Walt Breslin, a DEA agent, who appears at the end of the season finale. He is played by the actor Scoot McNairy.

The show was created by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, and Doug Miro. Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro produced the show as well, along with Eric Newman and Jose Padilha. The producers created a thrilling ride for its viewers. The actors all played electric and powerful performances. In my opinion, there is never a dull moment in the first season. Rotten Tomatoes, a renowned website for reviewing movies and tv shows, gave the show an 89%. The series has been renewed for a second series and i personally can’t wait.

I expect the second season of Narcos: Mexico to be all out war. Dea agent Walt Breslin will have a big role in trying to take down Felix Gallardo and the cartel as a whole. There is not yet a confirmed date for the release of season two nor a trailer, but us viewers can only wait.


A brilliant and charming bookstore manager develops an immediate crush for an aspiring writer. This cute yet powerful love becomes an intense obsession for the bookstore manager, Joe Goldberg. Through his intellect of technology and social media, Joe fantasizes over Beck and develops a character and personality suited for her every need. This ten episode series captivates the attention of viewers through drastic plot twists, backstabbing friendships, and how Joe can hide the truth from Beck about his obsession. The TV show quickly became one of the most talked about shows on the Netflix platform receiving a 93% rating from the acclaimed Rotten Tomatoes website.
You showcases the difference between an obsession and a romance in the heart of the Big Apple.

Joe Goldberg coincidentally runs into Beck multiple times in one of the largest cities in the world, on purpose. Beck assumes it was destiny while in reality it was all part of Joe Goldbergs elaborate plan to connect to her and convince her to fall in love with him.

Viewers follow along an intense character development seeing Joe slowly start his obsession from online to reality. Joe rationalizes his actions by narrating over his thought process. He repeatedly says that he’s not stalking her, just making sure she doesn’t get hurt. Joe exhibits an eerie charm tricking Beck to believe he is a great guy and potentially “the one”. Beck’s exes and friends become an immediate problem for Joe with their suspicions and hunches of who Joe really is. The hero of a story might, from a different perspective, really be a villain. “You” shows this reality perfectly captivating viewers intrigue and eager with each and every turn. The more we get to know about Joe, the more we know to be afraid and cautious but we often times see a sweet and soft side of him.