A Trip Through Paris

This past Spring break, some of the Lafayette students had an opportunity to travel to Paris, France with the French teacher, Madame Collins.


Samantha Venable

All of the vewis from a boat cruising down the Seine River are absolutly stunning. Especially at night. The water reflects all the glow from the city of lights and the result is breakthtaking. There are cruises that go up and down the river and under some of the 37 bridges. When you are sitting on the water, looking out on the beautiful city of Paris, you seem to have no cares in the world.

Paris, France is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world for many reasons. The city has beautiful architecture, amazing monuments, and breathtaking views. People are amazed by all the sights and sounds of Paris and the have every right to be. As you walk along the streets, you hear people speaking an exotic language and there is music coming from all directions. You cant help but be taken back by the tall buildings all around you and the colors of all the lights. Paris will captivate any audience and it will most certainly always have a place in my heart!