Gun Laws

After the recent mass shooting in New Zeland, the debate about how to handle gun legislation rages on in the US


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This graph represents gun death rates through out America and Australia between the years 1975-2015.

This represents an open area that should be protected from guns.

Everyone has differing opinions when it comes to guns and who should own one. Some people have a permit to own a gun, some do not. Guns are dangerous weapons and can cause many accidents. Guns also can protect a person and they are used for safety reasons. When it comes to guns, we should be very cautious with who has one and who doesn’t. Gun laws have garnered attention, but some are not following them.

On December 15, 1791 the second amendment of the constitution was passed that stated “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. The founding fathers were very concerned about who should and shouldn’t be armed. Only white people had guns so they could maintain control over anyone who is not white. This amendment didn’t always have good results, for example: when the Paxton boys murdered 20 Conestoga Indians.

Guns were used for our rights for generations, leading to some of the problems people debate today.
In the United States, 393 million guns are owned by Americans. Many people who own guns have a background check, but there are many people who have guns without a background check because they stole a gun from someone or someone let them borrow one. When an uncertified person has a gun, many things can go wrong: school shootings, mass shootings, or just a shooting of an individual are examples of unfortunate gun incidents. Many of our world tragedies are because of shootings and the person behind it who’s not certified or stable to have a gun. Gun privileges should only be granted to people who are certified and those capable of maintaining their guns.

The minimum age for Gun Sales and Transfers Laws state that when a licensed person is selling, to buy a shot gun or rifle, you have to be at least 18 years of age. To buy a handgun, you must be at least 21 years of age. An unlicensed person can sell a handgun to anyone at least 18 years of age and can sell a rifle or shotgun to any age. Federal law always makes an exception for the temporary transfer and possession of a handgun if it’s for employment, farming, target practice, hunting, or ranching. People violate this law by getting someone to buy the gun for them, circumventing the system.

Ms. Wathen and Andrew Ramos having a discussion about Gun Safety.

Carrying firearms, open and concealed laws, most people carry handguns on them concealed. For most states in America, for concealed carry handguns, you are required to have a permit. For open carry handguns, in most states you are not required to have a permit. It’s not common that anyone carry’s long guns or rifles on them daily. For open carry of a long gun or rifle, you are not required to obtain a permit.

Republicans support guns. Republicans believe, as individuals, it’s a citizen’s right of Self-defense, but also that what they do with the gun is their responsibility. Republicans support the right to obtain and store ammunition without registration. Republicans also believe that individuals that have an in-state permit have the right to carry firearms in any state.

Democrats support guns for safety reasons. Democrats believe that through the second amendment, the people of America have rights to own a gun for the right reason. Democrats want to strengthen the background check system because there can be terrible gun violence without one. Democrats passed the Brady Law and the Assault Weapons Ban, and since they have, gun crime has gone down by 35 percent. Democrats believe that we should have a required photo license I.D., a background check, and a gun safety test to buy a new gun.

Ms. Wathen, A teacher at Lafayette High School, before her interview on gun laws.

Ms. Wathen, A teacher at Lafayette High School, believes that she is in the middle of a republican and democrat point of view when it comes to gun laws. Ms. Wathen believes that “There should be sensible legislation limiting the sales of certain kinds of guns”. Ms. Wathen also believes that “There should be stronger background checks, medical checks and criminal past checks”. In Ms. Wathens own words, she stated that “Criminals and unstable people are more likely to cause a tragedy than a certified individual with a background check”.

Samantha Venable, A student at Lafayette High school, believes that “Guns are dangerous especially in schools and should be prohibited”. Samantha also believes that “If we had school checks every morning at Lafayette High School that they could help, but that people could work around them”. In Samantha’s own words, she stated that “If people are mentally stable to own a gun, she is more comfortable with that than people unstable owning a gun” but, Samantha still doesn’t like the idea of guns. On this topic, Samantha has a democratic point of view, she believes that people have the right to have a gun for protection.

As for my opinion, I Molly Cupp also have a democratic point of view when it comes to gun laws. I believe that people get put in scary situations and do need protection and turn to guns. I agree with Ms. Wathen, when she said “We should have stronger background checks, medical checks, and criminal past checks” because you never know if a person should be qualified to own a gun without checks. I believe that for hunting purposes and for safety and if you’re qualified to own a gun, there is no problem.