Jonas Brothers Return

After their six year split, the Jonas Brothers make a comeback.


Jarel White

Evelyn Arnold watches The Jonas Brothers' new music video "Sucker"

In 2013,  the Jonas Brothers unexpectedly broke up, leaving millions of fans heartbroken. But this year, they made a comeback. By releasing their new hit single “Sucker”, they’ve officially come back together after a six-year split. A concert is also being discussed, indicating that new music may be released soon.  

Recently, the three brothers have publicly talked about their journey through breakup. In an E! News interview, Nick explains that he was the reason for the breakup, as he had essentially started the conversation of going separate ways. “We’re family first, and that’s always been our main priority, and so honesty within what we do as a group was really important.” Nick went on to say that there were unaddressed matters which created more complications. Though it was tough, they told E! that they needed to breakup to come back strong.  

Evelyn Arnold
Carter Morgan enjoys the new hit single “Sucker” by The Jonas Brothers

Over the years they took the time to build their relationship as brothers and band-mates. Some of the brothers continued their music career after the breakup individually which made them grow more as well.  

It all started in 2005, when the brother began releasing music, resulting in the formation of the band. Their first album “It’s About Time” was the starting point for their musical careers. Once more albums and singles were released, they started to sign on to bigger things.  

In 2007, after massive musical success, The Jonas Brothers started to make appearances on the popular children’s network, Disney Channel. From recording music for their soundtracks, to eventually appearing in movies and television, the band guest starred on hit tv show Hannah Montana and  Disney original movie Camp Rock. Nick, Kevin, and Joe were also on the cover of numerous magazines, invited to popular talk shows, and nominated for big awards such as a Grammy. Disney Channel even created a television show called “JONAS” (2009) where they portrayed a band that were also secret agents for the government. The executive producer said that the show intended to feel quite like a documentary, capturing the lives of what being in a band was like while balancing a normal life. The show only lasted two seasons, but the band continued to make music. Like the show’s seasons however, this too would be short lived, as they soon broke up. 

Evelyn Arnold
Drew Ramos expresses his admiration towards the brothers

After the breakup, the brothers went their separate ways, which entails partnering with other famous artists like Demi Lovato and Christine Aguilera. Nick successfully released new singles and started his new music career as a singer/songwriter. He also got married to his wife, Priyanka Chopra and she was even featured in the “Sucker” music video. Joe Jonas made new singles and even joined a new band called “DNCE”. Finally, Kevin Jonas starred in a documentary called “Married to Jonas” along with his wife Danielle Deleasea. He did a lot in real estate and construction as well. Through their different life successes, however, the brothers were trying to repair their relationship and start anew.

Reflecting on having grown up as a fan of the band, Lafayette High School Junior Skyler Lonsway said, “…I used to have posters and t-shirts of all of them. Then I asked how she felt about them coming back together? She said, “I’m super hype to see where this goes and hopefully get to go to one of their concerts.” Fellow LHS Junior Drew Ramos, also an avid fan of the band, stated, “I actually went to a Jonas Brothers concert when I was six and met their security guard. I also stayed at the same hotel they stayed at the same time!” Finally, LHS Senior Aaron Adams, a one-time-fan of the Jonas Brothers’ television show, stated, “I’m a Big Time Rush fan all the way.” 

The comeback of the popular boy band “The Jonas Brothers” is going to affect the contemporary music landscape, predictably making a huge impact on millions of fans. Based on their past track-record , it is assumed that the Jonas Brothers are going to take off and their band will be stronger than ever.