Zion Williamson Goes Down After Shoe Malfunction

The Number one draft prospect gets injured in upset against the Tar Heels.

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The number one NBA draft prospect Zion Williamson from the University of Duke was injured in the much anticipated game against the University of North Carolina, in just the first minutes of play. Driving to the basket, Zion’s left shoe exploded and he fell, suffering a mid-knee sprain. Duke, the number 1 seed lost to the number 8 seed UNC, 88 to 72. Tickets to the game at a minimum of $3,000 and former President Barack Obama attended the game as well.           

Zion Williamson clutches his knee and goes down after his faulty shoes explode.

 The cheapest ticket cost more than the average cost of game 7 of the Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2018. Why would you spend more money on an NCAA game than a professional basketball winner take all game? Many questions have arisen due to his injury from this rare occurrence. Nike is now under fire due to the failure of the Paul George 2.5’s that Zion was wearing during his matchup against the Tar Heels. Nike has lost an estimated 1.1 Billion dollars in stock value due to this infrequent event. Nike also quickly apologized for the freak accident releasing a statement that said, “The quality and performance of our products are of the utmost importance.”


Preston Ruescher, avid basketball fan and Lafayette High School Senior, said, “I never had a problem with my shoes and they are Nike it might have been his body weight combined with a faulty shoe.”  Many are also wondering whether Zion should  return or if he should not play and be out of the rotation until the NBA draft. Many people say he needs to be healthy so he would be able to perform and have a career in the NBA. Others say he should still play for Duke and not let the franchise and the rest of the team down. There has been no report of whether or when the Duke star is to return to the rotation.

Scottie Pippen from ESPN suggested, “Williamson should sit out for the remainder of the college season back in January as he had solidified himself as the top pick in the June’s draft.”

University of North Carolina beats Duke in one of the biggest upsets in the NCAA

Pippen made a good argument, pointing out that there is no point in playing and risking injury when he cannot improve his draft pick, because he is still widely considered as the best college player and the number one prospect in the draft. Many are skeptical as to whether Zion is going be able to carry over his dominance into the NBA. Like the bust that was Markelle Fultz back in 2017, who was picked first round by first pick and was traded from the Philadelphia 76er’s to the Orlando Magic for forward Jonathon Simmons and two draft picks. The Magic have also said that Marcel will most likely get little to zero playing time. It is probable that he may be too over-hyped and could turn out to be a bust like Markelle.