Classic Production Comes to the Lafayette Stage!

Lafayette High School will be putting on the production "Grease!", March 21st through March 23rd.


Samantha Venable

The LHS musical will be performed on March 21st and 22nd and 7pm and March 23rd at 2pm and 7pm.

Grease is the word! Excitement and stress is building as the theatre students of Lafayette High School prepare for their spring musical “GREASE”! After months of nerve-racking auditions, grueling dance practices and constant rehearsals, the big day is only 2 weeks away! The cast and crew rehearse until 7:00pm almost every night in order to put on the best show they can. They work hard in school to keep up their grades while performing to the best of their ability on stage. Being in the spring musical is always an amazing experience and one that people never forget!

Samantha Venable
Avery Walters (Left) and Maddi Overy (Right) are excited to take on the challenge f portraying the iconic characters of Danny and Sandy.

The musical Grease was originally a Broadway show that came out in 1971. The show is set in 1959 and centers around two groups of defiant high school students. The Pink Ladies and The Burger Boys. However, the leader of the Burger Boys, Danny, is caught by surprise when his summer girlfriend ends up at his school unexpectedly. Through songs and comedy, the musical takes us on the journey of these high school kids and ultimately ends in newfound relationships and friendships. The show was so popular that it was made into a screen musical in 1978. Directed by Randal Klieser, Grease the film captured the hearts of people all around. The cast of the film included John Travolta as Danny (who at the time was very well known.) and Australian newbie actress, Olivia Newton John as Sandy. After the widespread success of the film, the idea was brought up for Grease Live! Soon after, casting and rehearsals began and the live version of this beloved musical aired on FOX in 2016. In this version, Aaron Tveit played Danny and Julianna Hough played Sandy. Grease is a timeless and enjoyable show, no matter which way you choose to watch it.

Although the show is fun to watch, it is even more enjoyable to be in! The rehearsals are strenuous being around people who understand what we are going through. Makes everything easier. It is important to build relationships in the cast because we spend so much time together. Maddi Overy, who plays Sandy, says that her favorite part about being in the musical is the cast bonding. She says that it is a lot of work to be in the show, let alone the lead. Developing her character has been a challenge and there is a lot of work that goes into making the show as close to perfect as possible but seeing all of the amazing cast members everyday makes it all worth it.

Juggling school, rehearsals and home life is hard for everyone. Every kid wants to have time to go out with his or her friends and spend time with their families. Unfortunately, being this close to the makes that difficult. However, all of us can agree that we would not trade in this experience. Often times, people do not realize the work that goes on behind the scenes. They come and watch the show but do not know how much time and effort went into getting the show to that level. In the end, the cast enjoys seeing all of their hard work pay off!

Samantha Venable
On the door of the black box theatre you can find all the information you need to order tickets for Grease.

Many of the people in the cast were recently a part of two other shows on top of Grease. Those shows included “Night Sky”, our competition one act, and “Almost Maine”, a fundraiser for Grease. In addition, some students have more than one part in the musical. Christine Strong, a senior at Lafayette High School, plays the part of Jan and Mrs. Lynch in Grease. She splits the character with another senior in the cast. Christine performs as Mrs. Lynch on Thursday and Friday and as Jan on both Saturday shows. She says it is weird to play two different characters. However, she thinks it’s fun to find different dynamics with characters that her two separate characters interact with. Students that are a part of the shows at Lafayette are dedicated to their craft. Even if they are in multiple shows at once, or have two separate characters, they find a way to make it work while still enjoying their time.

The Lafayette High School Spring musical, “Grease”, will open on March 21st and close after a show on March 22nd and two shows on March 23rd. This is a fun and exciting show that is beloved by many. Come support the dedicated and hardworking students and watch all of their work pay off!