Michael Cohen Testiomony

Cohen's Testimony Raises Eyebrows

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The main takeaway from the recent Michael Cohen testimony on Capital Hill is that Cohen has lied, paid off people as directed, and has blatantly lied in court while under oath. What’s next for him you might ask? For now it’s 3 years of jail time. Cohen absolutely hates Trump. He calls him a con man, a cheat, and a racist, but why would Trump’s lawyer despise him so much? Some people say Trump is so hated because he’s racist, but what people don’t know is that he’s put millions into underdeveloped African American neighborhoods. Surely his lawyer that refers to him as a bigot toward black people wouldn’t forget that, would he? This goes to show how much Cohen dislikes Trump. He goes out of his way to slander his name on his way down to the big house.

AOC is a popular guest on talk shows lately.

This trial has not shed any light on the Trump-Russia connection, but like all fairy tales, it’s not real. There is no connection. The Russians didn’t get Trump elected, the American people got him elected. The people wanted a change so they spoke up and received it. Cohen, during his testimony, had told the Republicans that they are merely, “A supplicant to trump.Cohen also claimed that Trump shouldn’t be trusted to tell the truth. When the party responded with questions around why they should trust the man on trial for lying, Cohen had no response. Time after time, the left slanders Trump’s name, makes false claims and accusations against him, and time and time again they’re proven wrong.

The United States is more divided than ever, but Trump’s not to blame. Trump has done more to pull this country together than any president in the past 12 years. The economy is booming, we have jobs coming back, and everything is looking up.

Michal Cohen is facing prison time over the next 63 months.

The side to blame isn’t the right or the left. The blame is owed to the celebrities and politicians that are making people believe we are divided. The American people want to have a world of peace we can be proud of. These high-up figures like Cohen are making people genuinely believe things such as white people hate black people, Mexicans are border hoppers, and Muslims are terrorists. None of these things are true, yet it’s so widely believed by people.

The man, the myth, the legend himself.

Cohen has successfully caused more people to believe Trump is evil and that our country is in a bad place, when in reality, neither of those statements are true. People need to wake up and realize that when things like this are said, there is little truth behind them. In fact, people should do their own research. With the amount of news sources we have today, it’s inevitable that some bias will leak in. Why should anyone believe Cohen? He has a history of lying and that’s why he’s going to jail. Lying under oath will put you in the jail, and he should know that better than anyone.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questioned Cohen during his trial about Trump’s taxes. Her questioning was pointless. AOC is so concerned about Trump and his money that she didn’t even question a man going to jail about crimes he has committed.  She’s worried about fake crimes committed by our president.

The radical left has gone off the edge and has given the democrats a bad reputation. The Democratic Party needs to bounce back and prove that they are not represented by these radical leftists who have so much power behind them. How could anyone believe anything these individuals say?

The left has proven they’re gullible multiple times, especially in the most recent incident with Jussie Smollett. He claimed that Trump supporters beat him up in the middle of the night. So many people believed the preliminary story, so it made national news. The reporters called the right disgusting and hateful. Not only that, but they made people believe that racism is alive in our country, which is further dividing our country.

The United States isn’t what it used to be, and we the people need to work together to build it back up. As a nation, we should all work together to find a common ground once again. We live in the greatest country in the world, let’s act like it.