Parking Pass Panic

The Annual Struggle of LHS Parking Passes


David Berry

At LHS, it’s required to get a parking pass to park in the student parking lot.

It’s that time of year: time to renew your Lafayette HS parking pass. Students drivers school-wide scramble to scrape together the required fifty dollars to park on school grounds. In the past, parking passes have been enforced, however this year it’s different. Administration has made it clear that without a valid parking pass, parking on school grounds will be denied. This has churned up extreme feelings among students across LHS.

David Berry
In the LHS parking lot, the speed limit is 10 mph.


Most students begin to start driving in the second semester of their sophomore year. By the time spring semester of senior year rolls around, that means they would’ve paid $250 total in parking expenses. Student drivers are starting to wonder where this money is going. LHS senior Christian Hankins said, “I feel like parking passes are overpriced. There has to be some room in the budget to lower the price per semester.”

David Berry
Seungheon Yoo, confirmed good student driver, ponders the issue of parking passes

LHS principal Dr. Hollemon stated in the senior assembly this year that most of this money goes to things such as fixing things in the school and in the parking lot itself. However, students have yet to see these changes. Hankins says, “I hope they’re using the money in the right way. We pay a lot already for insurance, car payments, and other things. If you play multiple sports and don’t have time for a job, paying for a parking pass can be difficult.”  Students are hopeful that some of these changes will be addressed and put into action.

David Berry
Interviewee Christians Hankins expresses how he feels on the school-wide issue.

Administration has held firm on the issue of parking passes. Recently, families received a phone call expressing concerns by the school. Dr. Hollemon stated in the call that nearly one third of all students parking in the school lot did not have parking passes yet. She also called students on the fact that some did not have their license, had too many people in the car, and were speeding in the parking lot. This concerned administration so they have started enforcing their policies in a stricter manner. Security has been seen checking for passes in the student lot, announcements have been made, and administrators have been encouraging students to get a parking pass. LHS Senior Jarel White stated, “There are more spots in the faculty lot. I understand that there are two spots reserved for seniors of the month, but maybe we can expand on that. There are enough spots to offer multiple seniors of the month and possibly the creation of a junior of the month.”

David Berry
The first row of the LHS parking lot is where most of the potholes are.

LHS students sounded off on the parking pass frenzy. George Haramis, a senior at LHS, said, “I’m skeptical as to where the parking pass money goes. I have gotten a parking pass every semester I’ve driven myself to school and spent $200 so far. I’m not technically mad, but I’d like to know where my money goes.” Another LHS senior, Seungheon Yoo, said, “I’ve heard that people have been threatened with punishments if they didn’t get one. Someone even told me that admin has been going as far as not allowing people to walk at graduation. I wish that administration would address these issues and make it clear.” LHS Senior Jacob Barton brings up another strong point. “Parking passes only intensify the divide between middle income and lower income students at Lafayette.” It’s apparent that most students aren’t satisfied by how this situation is being handled and demand it be changed. 

If there’s one thing students and faculty can agree on, it’s that the school parking system needs to be reformed. This can be giving students a clear outline as to where the money goes, reducing the amount it costs to get a pass, finding a middle ground, or fixing the parking lot as promised before. Students and staff may be divided right now, but they’re going to have to come together make the parking pass situation better.