Fancy Sock Extravaganza!

An inside look at how fancy socks are the new craze in footwear fashion.


Drew Ramos

Rubber ducks can be a festive design you can put on socks

Tacos, pineapple, and sushi.  When you hear these different types of food,  eating comes to mind…

…but what about footwear?

Fancy socks are becoming the new trend for foot fashion. Almost anything can be put on socks and contribute to your over-all stylishness while in public. Some people may think that these wardrobe items are pointless and that no one pays attention to the types of socks you are wearing. However, society is evolving into a fashion-first awareness, and people are starting to accept fancy socks. They are being worn by people of all ages and can be worn to any type of festive or celebratory event.