Bird Box

Bird Box the film everyone’s talking about


Abdallah Suid

“BIrdbox” has been defining trends lately, and Birdbox Challenges are even invading the Halls of LHS!

Will there be a second Bird Box? Who knows, it’s trending all over! The movie was released on December 13, 2018. Sandra Bullock is the star of the movie with over 50 acting credits to her name. This movie is about a mysterious force that kills the population: if you see it, you die. A woman and her children are on a very dangerous journey through the woods and down a river to find the one place that may offer them sanctuary. In order for them to make it, they’ll have to cover their eyes with blindfolds if they take the blindfolds off it means death. Seems impossible, am I right? I asked LHS senior Aaron if he ever watched Bird Box and this was his response “ Yes I thought it was a good film but it didn’t all the credit it got”.

“In order for you to make it out of this evil, you must be brave” -Sandra Bullock

Many people have made memes out of this movie, it’s trending all over, especially on Netflix. This is a moody and intelligent horror thriller, the perfect movie to watch on a rainy day while being cuddled up. According to Netflix, Bird Box had a record-breaking opening week for a Netflix film. There were many positive things about this movie. The filming of the movie was great they angled the cameras perfectly and had great lighting at all times. Sandra Bullock was in blindfolds for 50% of the movie, not many actors can act while being blindfolded! One of the best things is the memes especially the football memes when the Eagles and Bears played. People have created the “Bird Box Challenge” where people do things blindfolded like when anyone in the movie has to go outside, your blindfold must be on the whole time. I asked LHS senior Drew if he would watch it again if a sequel came out and this was his response “ Yes I would watch it to see how they would destroy the creatures”.

LHS Junior Dylan Zilla doing the Bird Box challenge in the hallway.

One of the flaws in this movie is the setup. Every doomsday movie starts the same for example, the movie starts happy everyone enjoying a nice sunny day and all of a sudden boom! Everyone starts dying. Who wants to watch a horror-thriller that starts the same as all the others? The director puts these performers through familiar scenes, in roles that seem like recurring characters in an extended TV series. It’s also disappointing that they didn’t show any of the creatures in this movie which is insane because everyone wants to see the bad guy in a movie. The beginning of the movie escalated so quickly it went from an amazing sunny day where everyone is happy to half of the population dying. This is a problem because it makes the movie boring if everyone dies.  I also asked LHS senior Colby what made you watch Bird Box “It kept popping up on my timeline”.

Overall, the movie was good and has become extremely popular. Many people have given it excellent reviews and spread the words to others. Sandra Bullock was the perfect actor for this movie because she’s intelligent, beautiful, strong, and courageous which is exactly what the main character needs. Once you’re done watching this movie you are in shock and an anxious for a sequel! If you need a burst of apocalyptic horror to chase away the winter blues, this might be a perfect fit. Otherwise, it’s forgettable next to other horror offerings for the end of the year. The film never really reaches its potential or goes beyond strong acting and a chill mood that offers a very creepy vibe. At the end of the day, in spite of its weaknesses, if I had the chance to watch this movie again I would.

LHS Junior Dylan running around with a blindfold to let people know that Bird Box made a huge impact on him.