10 Reasons to Buy a Snake

Do you need to convince your parents to let you get or snake, or maybe convince yourself? Here’s 10 great reasons why you should get a snake.


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Spotted banana morph ball python curling up in the sun. Though average ball pythons are around $75, the banana morphs are more on the pricey side.

Everyone loves dogs and cats. Their the standard for what a pet should be all around the world, and not to take the shine away from them but there are hundreds of other great pets to have. To name a few: birds, ferrets, rats, sugar gliders, lizards, salamanders, and spiders.

And especially snakes.

Alex Green
Alex Green being climbed by one of his many snakes.

Alex Green, a well-known YouTuber and self-proclaimed herpetologist, himself proclaimed, “Snakes are oddly addicting, I was hooked upon getting my very first ball python.” and goes on to say, “The emotional attachment you grow to them certainly reduce any chances of boredom.”

Whether you’re trying to convince yourself or your parents, here are 10 reasons to buy a pet snake.

         1.Extremely Easy to Care For

If you’re looking a for something hypoallergenic, snakes are a go-to pet; they don’t shed fur or feathers (just skin). Most snakes generally need to fed once a week, so they can be left alone for while if necessary. Another great thing is that they are completely fine with being left alone. They do not require the amount of constant attention as other pets. “Many species of snake take practice when it comes to caring for them, but once you’ve figure it out they’re so easy and low maintenance,” stated Alex.

2. Inexpensive

Though the cost of every snake differs, the range for a snake can be as low as $30 all the way to $40,000. It is really your choice on how much you want to spend. Other than the cost of the animal itself, snakes do not need much for an enclosure other than a hot spot, a cooler spot, water, and regulation of humidity. Snakes can live happily in small, plastic tubs or big, elaborate enclosure, it’s all up to the owner and the size of the snake.

3. Responsibility

Let’s be honest, cats and dogs can be a handful. The walking, the jumping, the constant need for attention or some type of supervision, snakes don’t do or need these things (unless you would like to take your snake out for a walk.) “My cat eats 3 times a day and creates equally as much waste. Some of my snakes only eat 3 time per month,” proclaimed Alex. They’re easy to keep happy and can be left alone for at most 4 days.

4 .Promote Conservation

When you own a snake, you are able to educate the people around you about these amazing animals. Educating others about snakes not only helps them stay safe but also benefits the snake’s safety as well. Not only this, but buying snakes from PETCO and PetSmart is a good idea for more experienced snake owners as you can give them a better care.

Ball pythons are the most commonly owned species of snakes due to their docile nature and easy care routine. Another popular beginner snake would be the corn snake; similar to the ball python, but smaller in size.

5.  Experiencing the Community of Reptile Lovers

You meet a lot of cool, interesting people when you own a snake. Reptile expos are one of the best places to meet folks. The animals that are there are equally as interesting, so you might just wind up going home with a few new pets.

6. Great Pets for Inspiration

If you’re an artist and ever in a dry spell for creativity, just look at a snake. Snakes are the inspiration for a lot of cool designs: we see them in tattoos, paintings, art patterns, etc. Those who love interior design would have a blast setting up and decorating their snake’s enclosure.

7. You Can Learn A Lot

Whether it’s figuring out the perfect humidity setting or whether your snake likes live feed or frozen, you can learn a lot just by watching your armless, reptilian friend. Watching a snake shed it’s skin is one of the most captivating things ever!

8. Not As Dangerous As You Think

Statistically speaking, only 25% of snakes pose a real threat to humans all of which are poisonous snakes. Assuming you don’t want a poisonous snake, the chance of you get getting seriously injured is fairly low. College student Jacob Barger owns a snake and said, “I haven’t been bitten but I have been struck at while trying to feed.” Snakes will only ever bite if they feel scared or stressed, and occasionally just by accident when aiming for food. Bites from snakes are a lot easier to deal with than dog or cat bites, especially because we share fewer communicable diseases. Though every snake is different, and therefore have different temperaments, for the most part if you get your pet from a good breeder they are docile and will rarely bite.

Those who choose to own animals outside the normal range of pets aren’t strangers to the many disgusted remarks of non-exotic pet owners.

9. Great First Pet For Any Person

Now that we’ve assessed the dangers  (or lack thereof) of owning a snake, they really do seem like the perfect first pet. They’re hypoallergenic, quite easy to keep happy, can be alone for a few days, and you can get them at the size of worm all the way up to 10 feet. The only downside may be if you are squeamish around dead animals as snakes are carnivores and generally eat thawed mice, rats, and rabbits. If you can get past that and prefer a pet not as demanding as cats and dogs, then a snake might be the pet for you.

10. They’re Really Cool

A Tumblr user with a small collection of snakes shows off her new living bracelet and ring.

Lastly, snakes are one of the coolest pets you could own; there’s a reason why people get them tattooed on themselves. Snakes come in hundreds of different colors and patterns thanks to great breeders. And the way they wrap around your body means they’re basically living jewelry.

So, do you want a snake now?

Reptile lover and LHS Junior Luke Osborne does!  “As long as it’s not venomous or a large constrictor because they won’t do any real damage, I would,” he said.