Lafayette Football Playoff Preview

The Lafayette Rams compete in the 4A football playoffs


The Lafayette Rams beat Churchland to advance in the 4A playoffs

The Lafayette High School football team is entering the Class 4A playoffs with an outstanding record of 9-0. Lafayette football has demolished their competition with winning all of their regular season games by at least 10 points. The Rams are led by Senior quarterback Zach New, Senior running back Demario Tyler, and Junior wide receiver, Tyler Neville, all of whom score the majority of Lafayette’s points. The Rams are coached by Andy Linn and the assistant coaches are Brian Sorrel, John Byron, and Woody Robins.

This past week, the rams defeated Churchland 56-12 in the first round of playoffs at Wanner Stadium.  Throughout the game, the Rams showed their dominance on the field and overpowered Churchland’s defense scoring 49 points in the first half. Progressing in the tournament bracket, the Rams will play their hometown rivals, the Warhill Lions at Wanner Stadium on Friday, November 16. The two teams have already played each other and Lafayette won 26-3. The Lions are the first team to lead against Lafayette going into halftime all season. Warhill was leading Lafayette 3-0 going into halftime and some fans thought all hope was lost.

Colby Hurt, a student from Lafayette High School, said “The Rams don’t usually lose, but when I saw a zero on the scoreboard at halftime, I thought this could have been the day that the Rams undefeated season came to an end. I have never seen the Rams trail at halftime, so I just wasn’t used to it. Once the Rams scored 21 points in the third quarter, I knew that we were going to win the game.”

The Lafayette Rams will play the Warhill Lions on November 16

During the first match up against Warhill, the players were not the only ones getting involved in their pregame rituals. Both schools drew graffiti on each other’s school rock to show their school spirit. Also, some students from Warhill decided to spray paint the roads at Lafayette so when the janitors tried to clean it, the paint stayed on the road.

Rather than vandalizing Warhill’s rock, the Rams settled the score on the football field. Baylie Gentry, Senior and leader of the Lafayette pep club said, “Lafayette needs to display their skills on the football field and demolish all the teams that the Rams encounter.”

Last year, Lafayette came up one game short, losing to Louisa in the state semifinals game. The Rams were destined to make it to States last year with current Bluefield College Freshman quarterback, Cesar Ward.

The past couple of years has been full of upsets and detriments for Lafayette. The rolling Rams also had current starting wide receiver for Virginia Tech, Hezekiah Grimsley. This year the Rams have Senior Elijah Washington, a future football commit who is a lineman for the Rams. Aaron Adam, a Senior from Lafayette High School said that, “The year Lafayette had Cheyton Pine and Hezekiah Grimsley was the best year of football this town has ever seen. When the Lafayette Rams had the speed from Grimsley and the size that Pine displayed on the line, the team was unstoppable and rolled over every team that got in their path towards the State Championship game.”

When the Rams lost to Louisa in the state semifinals last year, the team was disappointed and frustrated on their performance, so this year they are out for blood and revenge against Louisa High School. The Rams goal is to make it to the State Championship game at Liberty University in Lynchburg. If Lafayette beats Warhill on Friday, then they will only have to win two more games to make it to the state championship game. Since Lafayette was the number one seed going into playoffs, they will have home field advantage every game until they travel to Lynchburg if they get through their current competition.

Lafayette beat Churchland 56-12 to play Warhill

The Lafayette Rams play the Warhill Lions at Wanner Stadium on Friday at 7:00. The pep club has not yet announced what the theme of Fridays game on what the students should wear in the student section. The tickets will be 8 dollars at the gate, dress warmly for the game. Come out to the game and show Lafayette pride to represent the 757 area.


BREAKING NEWS: LHS Rams beat Warhill Lions 49-0 to advance to the 4A finals!  Friday, November 23 they will go  up against Lake Taylor at Wanner Stadium!