The Aftermath of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence has caused much damage in the Carolinas. What is the true aftermath of the hurricane?


Stephanie Perez

After September 14, hurricane Florence is all over the news.

A huge storm has gone by and left much destruction in it’s wake: the famous Hurricane Florence. North and South Carolina been in the worse of the horrible storm. Unfortunately, our home state in Virginia felt some of its wrath. Even though it has just happened, the Carolinas are still fighting to get back on their feet once again. The storm had hit North and South Carolinas on September 14th but they are still suffering from all the damage. Sadly, the recovery will be a long struggle and it will truly leave a mark on people.

Regrettably, at least 37 people have been found dead because of the hurricane. 27 of those people are in North Carolina, 6 people are in South Carolina and 1 is in Virginia. Paramedics are scared that with all the flooding that the death rate will increase. The damage that Florence caused is somewhere from 17 billion to 22 billion dollars. To make matters worse North Carolina biggest city, Wilmington is off limits to the citizens because of the major floods. 60 percent of North Carolina houses and business are out of power and more than 19,000 people are in shelters. Many officials have been disturbing food, water, and tarps to residents and rescued people that are victims of the floods.North Carolina is truly suffering because of the hurricane.

Stephanie Perez
By September 10th, everyone has this on their phones and computers. Keeping update on the hurricanes trail.

Many other cities and towns have suffered badly from Florence. Including, Jacksonville, Fayetteville and many other areas that are also closed off. No one is allowed to leave nor enter until further noticed. This is a huge problem that the Carolinas are going through right now. They are slowly getting over it but will take some time before they are even close to back to normal.