Ways to cool off in Wiliamsburg

High School Students Strive to find the Best Summer Places to Hang Out and Appreciate Summer

Williamsburg in the summer is hot, humid, and people everywhere are desperately looking for places to cool off. Whether it’s the beach, pool, river or a park, there are countless places to have fun. Allison Schubring, while home from college from the summer, is nannying for a family of two children. She and the kids prefer Busch Gardens over Water Country to have fun. Busch Gardens along with Water Country USA, are the perfect place to have fun in the sun. At Water Country, Virginia’s largest water park, there are epic water slides, huge wave pools, and kid-friendly swim areas. At Busch Gardens, the world’s most beautiful theme park, there are many rollercoasters, rides and animal presentations. The water rides include, Escape from Pompeii, Le Scoot, and Roman Rapids. Allison said that her favorite water ride is Roman Rapids, but she can’t wait to ride Le Scoot.

Alaina Mcknight
Alaina McKnight and her family enjoying the warm summer sun by their pool

Williamsburg provides ample places for high school students to enjoy the summer weather. With many water attractions locally, high school students are taking advantage of these activities this summer. Many neighborhoods in the city of Williamsburg have pools that are available to use for all of summer. According to LHS Junior Madisyn Guiseppi and Senior Matt Rice both have multiple pools in their neighborhood allowing easy access to a chilled summer escape. “In Ford’s Colony, we have two community pools where my friends and I meet up, relax, and just enjoy the sun,” says Guiseppi. The advantage of having a pool in your neighborhood is not only the convenience, but also being able to take a quick dip without having to find an available public pool. Lafayette Junior Alaina Mcknight talks about how fortunate she is to have a pool in her backyard saying “I really enjoy the privacy of having the pool in my backyard so no one can see my brothers being knuckleheads.”

Alejandro Gonzalez
Overcast weather won’t stop Ariana Gonzalez from enjoying the sand in between her toes

There are many ways to cool off on a hot summer day in Williamsburg, but one of the best ones is Jamestown beach. Many people started to go to Jamestown beach because it was a close alternative to driving far to another beach. According LHS grad. Ashleigh Collins, “Jamestown beach is a great place to go because they have upgraded it and it’s not as far as other beaches.” Another Williamsburg native and LHS rising senior, Kaylee Kline says “Jamestown beach is an amazing way to cool off because it’s free and supper close to my house.” There are picnic tables for families to set up and have lunch together. It also has trees around providing shade and a chance to cool off. Jamestown Beach is a great spot for families and friends to gather and cool off on a hot summer day.

Lafayette students truly appreciate summer and take full advantage of it while they can. Even though Williamsburg may not have the most diverse options for summer activities, these students have learned to make the most of their surrondings.