The Best Ice Cream Places of Williamsburg

There are many ice cream places in Williamsburg and each with their own spin on frozen treats

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Every Williamsburg native knows their favorite place to grab a sweet frozen treat on a hot summer day. There are probably as many ice cream places as pancake houses in this town(and there are a lot of pancake houses). With each of these locations come many different yummy options to choose from including flavored ice, custard, and original ice cream in hundreds of flavors. 6 of the many places to get ice cream in Williamsburg include Ben and Jerry’s, Cold Stone Creamery, Bruster’s, Rita’s, and Sno To Go.  Each has their unique spin on ice cream and all taste delicious!

First, Ben and Jerry’s  is located in the Williamsburg Premium Outlets and is part of a large chain of stores that originated in Vermont. They serve cones, cups, sundaes, smoothies, shakes, and ice cream cakes made from their large variety of original flavors. Some of these flavors include Americone Dream, Bourbon Brown Butter, Brownie Batter, Butter Pecan, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Buttery Swirl, Chocolate Therapy®, Chunky Monkey®, Coconut Seven Layer Bar, Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz®, and Milk & Cookies. Ben and Jerry’s also offers out of the norm options such as sorbet, frozen yogurt, Moo-phoria Light Ice Cream, and Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts.

Next, Brusters is located in the Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center and is part of a chain created by Bruce Reed in 1989. There they serve waffle cones, sundaes and splits, cakes and pies, blasts, shakes, and just regular ice cream in a cup. They have around one hundred flavors, including Almond Chocolate Coconut, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Cake Batter, Coffee Cake Streusel, Death by Chocolate, Monkey Madness, Peanut Butter Puddles, and White Turtle. They also sell No Sugar Added – Fat Free flavors, Yogurt, Sherbet, Ice & Sorbet, and Ice Cream Sandwiches Made with Oreo®. Lafayette junior Amara Haynes says, “ Brusters [is my favorite] because I can only get Key Lime Pie in a cone there (my favorite flavor) and that is the only way I like it.” Her second favorite? “Sno To Go.”

Kilwins Chocolates and Ice Cream is also located in Williamsburg–more specifically Colonial Williamsburg, and is a chain of stores that started in 1947. Their products range from original recipe ice cream that comes in more than 40 different flavors to chocolates and fudge that include Clusters and Barks, Corns, Brittles, Nuts, Sea Foam, Tuttles, and Truffles. Some of Kilwins ice cream flavors include Old Fashioned Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Pistachio,Traverse City Cherry, Chocolate, Superman, Kilwins Tracks, Lemon Sorbetto, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Maple Walnut, Mint Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan, Mackinac Island, Fudge, Heavenly Hash, Cappuccino Chocolate Chip, Fudgie Brownie, Raspberry Sorbetto, Banana, Fudge Pie, New Orleans Praline Pecan, Cake Batter, Rum Raisin, and Blueberry Waffle Cone. Toffee, caramel, chocolates, fudge, apples, and corns and brittles are also sold there.

Next, Cold Stone Creamery is located on Monticello Avenue in Williamsburg, and is a franchise that was created more than twenty five years ago. They offer everything from creamy ice cream to cakes, pies, yogurt, sorbet, shakes, and smoothies. The cakes made at Cold Stone can be signature or made to order however you like. You can have an ice cream cake or just a scoop created with whatever ingredients you desire. Signature creations can be ordered, such as Birthday Cake Remix™ or Strawberry Blonde®, or customers can create their own. Customers choose an ice cream flavor such as Cake Batter or Chocolate, and then choose any mix ins they like to create the perfect treat.

Rita’s Italian Ice is located on Monticello Avenue in Williamsburg and is a chain that started in 1984 and was created by Bob Tumolo. Rita’s offers a twist on ice cream, called frozen custard, that pairs perfectly with a cup of delicious flavored ice and created the Gelati. The custard comes in either chocolate, vanilla, or a twist, and the ice comes in many flavors such as banana, cantaloupe, blueberry, cherry, green apple, juicy pear, lemon, mango, and rootbeer. They also offer sugar free italian ice and Cream Ice, which is a creamy smooth ice that comes in flavors such as cookie dough and fudge brownie. Some other items unique to Rita’s are the MISTO®, which is a blend of flavored ice and custard, and the BLENDINI®, which combines Italian ice, frozen custard, and your favorite toppings to create the perfect treat. Rita’s also offers milkshakes, frozen drinks, custom frozen custard cakes, and custard cookie sandwiches. LHS Junior Jacquelyn said Rita’s is her favorite “ … because the ice is better than Sno To Go’s ice. My favorite flavor is Blue Raspberry.”

Finally, Sno To Go is the other flavored ice and custard place in Williamsburg. It is located on Richmond Road and has been in the Williamsburg Area since 1997. Their main treat is the shaved ice, which comes in many different flavors including Bahama Mama, which has orange, pineapple, mango, and pina colada, Ocean Breeze, which has granny smith apple, blue raspberry, and lemon lime, Spongebob, which is Mango, lemon lime, and lemonade, and Squirt, which has ocean breeze, ninja turtle, and mango.  There are also basic but delicious flavors such as blackberry, cherry, chocolate, coconut, raspberry, and strawberry along with many more. The flavored ice can also be “stuffed” which is the most popular treat and is a combination of custard and ice layered with a delicious swirl of custard on top. The custard comes in chocolate, vanilla, and twist and can can be served in a cup, cone, milkshake, float, or two unique creations called SnoShakes and SnoStorms. The SnoShake is your favorite Stuffed Snoball flavor as a shake, while the SnoStorm is custard mixed with up to 3 of your favorite toppings to create a thick delicious frozen treat. Sno To Go also serves brownie and cookie sundaes, banana splits, and ice cream sandwiches made with their custard.

There are multiple distinct ice cream options to choose from in Williamsburg, but each person has their own favorite place to get a sweet treat. Each shop offers their own spin on ice cream and each one has yummy options unique to themselves.