What is Fortnite?

This game is taking the world by storm and growing in size daily.

Christopher Collins
Christopher Collins wins a game of Fortnite. He was playing with some friends from school and took a picture to post on his snap chat.

The game known as “Fortnite” has taken the world by storm…literally!  The main objective of this game is to stay inside the eye of the storm and fight off the other 100 players trying to kill you. Released on July 25, 2017 by Epic Games, “Fortnite” now has over 40 million downloads as of January 15,2018. Its following has also grown on the social media stage, with 1.2 million followers on twitter keeping players up to date on the newest updates. Even Snap Chat users are constantly posting to boast about their wins.

This game can be played on the new consoles of the Xbox one, PS4 and also on any personal computer. The game is free to download but offers in-game purchases to customize your player and weapons. These purchases are only cosmetic, however, and don’t give any advantages over anyone else in the game.

Christopher Collins
Christopher Collins gets another win with one of his friends from school.

Fortnite can be played in four different modes including solo, duo, squads and a special event that only lasts for a small period of time. In solos you go in alone fighting 99 other solo players. Duos, as the name implies, involves you and one other person teaming up against 50 other duo teams. Squads are comprised of 4 players who unite to fight off 25 other squads. In all of these modes the object is the same: survive to be the last team standing. If you survive and win the game then the words “Victory Royal” will show up on the screen and you can play the game again.

The map that everyone drops on is very large and the main goal is to pick up any guns and loot that you can find, and use them to outlive other players for the win.  Each player can only carry five items at a time and this makes for quick decision making when you have to drop one item for another, more advantageous one. To complicate matters, everyone has to stay in the eye of the storm as it gets smaller and smaller, until ultimately all players are together in one spot.

This game is tough for everyone who plays, incorporating strategy, quick-witted decision-making, team work and blind luck.  When this kind of challenge is available free on almost any platform, the only thing left for you to decide is whether  you be the first to die or outlive them all?