Croc Comeback?

The ugly fashion trend from the early 2000’s may be making a return in 2017

Isaiah Woo
Isaiah Woo and Kayla Nordeman stand outside a building with colorful art in downtown Richmond. Isaiah is wearing his crocs with socks and trying to start a new style.





All of these words describe the fashion statement known as crocs. The idea of the “Croc” happened on a trip in the Caribbean when Scott Seamans showed his two friends the slip resistant clog he was wearing. He had taken the idea from a Canadian company he was working with to make clogs with cutouts, the problem was they couldn’t sell them. Semans added to the idea by putting a strap on the back so the shoe would not fall off when boating. He then got his two friends, George Boedecker Jr. and Lyndon Hanson, to join his project.

Starr Patton
Starr Patton and Ellie Klee pose for a picture inside of Lafayette high school in their crocs. Ellie and Starr are wearing the same crocs because they wear them every Tuesday together.

Crocs debuted in 2002 and sold 300 million pairs in the first year. They now have more than 500 retail stores. They were going strong until 2008 when they received many lawsuits from parents with  children getting their feet stuck in escalators. In 2012 one of the owners, George Boedecker, received a DUI. Crocs slowly faded into the darkness.

In 2017, crocs are making their comeback at a rapid rate. Walking around the halls of Lafayette high school, you will notice many people rocking the colorful shoe. This may be a result of celebrities like John Cena, Whoopi Goldberg, Miranda Sings, Mario Batali, Prince George and Bella Thorne trying to bring crocs back. No one truly knows if crocs are back to stay or a quick fashion trend that will fade out; I guess we have to keep our eyes on the trending pages to know for sure.




3 Ways to wear Crocs:

Ellie Klee
You can wear your crocs with socks for a comfortable fit.
Ellie Klee
You can wear your crocs with the strap on the back of your foot if you want to run without the shoe coming off your foot.
Ellie Klee
You can wear your crocs with the strap up if you don’t need much heel support.