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South Korea

This Is Not the Bad One!
Shown in this image is the flag of the Republic of Korea, the South Korean flag has red, blue and black stripes. Photo from wikimedia

Overview of South Korea

            The Republic of Korea or South Korea was once united with North Korea when their relationship was good, due to differences, south and north split apart to become their own countries sharing their peninsula. The South Korean country holds a very traditional culture, the country also holds a society where men over the age of 18 must join the military for a set amount of time, due to the population of the country. South Korea is the home to some of the most popular entertainment, they hold the popular music called K-POP, they also hold Korean drama rather known as K-DRAMA. The South Korean government is a democracy and holds presidential elections to find their presidents.

Pre-South Korea

South Korean air force Col. Min-Oh Seo, the commander of the 38th Fighter Group, leads an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft friendship flight along with U.S. Air Force Col. S. Clinton Hinote, the commander of the 8th Fighter Wing, over the Gunsan Golf Club enroute to Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, Aug. 14, 2013. Photo was taken by SrA_Clayton_Lenhardt off from Wikimedia

            Located on a little peninsula in the Asian continent, the east side of the continent holds South Korea, which was once a United Country with its counterpart, North Korea. When North Korea and South Korea was united, with World War II and the drastic impact Japan had on the Koreas, the Japanese took control of the Koreas and brought them to their beliefs and forced them to be under the rule of the Japanese empire. Following the defeat of Japan, the United Koreas separated, the north following the path that the Japanese put them on and the Republic of South Korea following a democracy and anti-communist government style.

Korean Culture

            The Korean Culture has been traditional since the start of this country, the culture is very traditional, it holds a men dominated family, and by the age of mid 20s the son should have a wife and kids with a stable job, while the women should find a wealthy husband and stay home to takes care of the kids. The culture hasn’t changed much from the earlier times of the country and holds the same traditions to this day.

Korean Society and Government

Shown in this image is a skyline view of the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. This image was from Wikimedia

The society in South Korea is straight forward, men at the age of 18 join the military and serve for a couple years, also it is a law that the men must follow. Women in South Korea in the past were told they should learn to parent and learn how to become a stay-at-home mom, they also were limited to education, in modern times, women have been freer and are allowed to go towards education. The government from the beginning to the present has been the same, it is a democracy and includes a president and has many branches following it. The Government has held a successful democracy for the many years this country has been a country.

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