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    Herstory: Safaa Taraouat

    Student Spotlight for a very special senior.
    Courtesy of Safaa Taraouat
    When asked to describe this picture, Safaa said “Here I am wearing traditional Amazigh clothing on my trip to Morocco last summer!”

    With a solid friend group, a full ride to William and Mary, and a history of community involvement, Safaa Taraouat is seen by many as a role model. Her friends often describe her as a sarcastic, funny, and a trustworthy individual. “You can always count on Safaa to tell you the truth,” said fellow senior Annaliese Carbajal, “She is a great friend who will keep it real but support you no matter what.” However, it is safe to assume that Safaa’s life experience and upbringing is what shaped her into the wonderful young woman we see today. What makes Safaa, Safaa? I sat down with her to learn more about her life and get her opinion on a variety of subjects. Keep reading to learn more!

    Safaa and her sister Marwa posing with the Moroccan flag for “Multinational Monday”

    Brandon: Where are you from/ Where’s your family from?

    Safaa: I was born here in Williamsburg but my family is from Morocco! My mom is from Casablanca and my dad is from Marrakesh, which are two of the most famous cities in Morocco.

    B: Have you lived in Williamsburg for majority of your life?

    S: Yes, born and raised. However, I spent a lot of my summers in Morocco. This was nice and different from being here in Williamsburg. Staying in these huge cities with a vast majority of people.. it is just.. a different vibe.

    B: Do you think Williamsburg was a good place to grow up?

    S: Yes I definitely think it was a good place to grow up, and a good place for me. It is not too big but it is not too small either, the crime rate is also not too bad. It is a nice place to grow up and the school system is pretty good.

    B: What are some of the happiest memories of your childhood?

    S: I would definitely say going to Morocco. All my trips to Morocco were so fun; I was able to see my family and get to spend all that lost time with them and make it memorable. I would go to weddings with my family, and those are a huge part of our culture.

    B: What were some of your interests or hobbies growing up?

    S: I played soccer in elementary school and, as I got older, I was very obsessed with Henna tattoos. I actually learned how to do my own Henna and my family’s Henna; especially during holidays to stay connected to my culture. Other than that, I did like to read when I was younger, but not right now ( laughs), and I do like watching tv!

    B: What are some of your favorite tv shows or movies? and why?

    Safaa’s favorite show, “One Day”

    S: My favorite show used to be Stranger Things but that has definitely changed. As of right now, my favorite show is One Day on Netflix, you guys should watch it. I also loved the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” franchise, such good movies. Sappy Rom-Coms but they have an actual plot.

    B: Give a brief description of the person you were going into high school ( grades, mindset, friend groups, etc) and how you’ve changed since then!

    S: Going into High School I was a very focused person. I did all of my work freshman year and I set myself up for success for the next four years. That is kind of how it was in Middle School too; I was always eager to learn. I had a huge friend group in Middle School, but when I came to High School that kind of built over time. I remember I was not friends with that many people my freshman year, but I am really satisfied with my friend group now!

    B: What are some activities or clubs you enjoy doing at Lafayette?

    S: I play Tennis, which is always #fun and #awesome. I am number 7, sometimes 6, on the team and I play doubles. I volunteer for National Honor Society, which I love. It is so fun, many people volunteer just for the hours but I really do enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community. I also love the Benevolence and Conservation Committee, which is a club I am the president of. We make cards for the elderly  and organize various projects for Lafayette

    B: What are your thoughts on senior year as of right now?

    S: Senior year has definitely been  a journey. It has had lots of ups and downs, especially academically. I would say it has been my hardest year of High School, period. Primarily because of the classes I am taking and also because we can also feel time kind of slipping away. Like, Oh my gosh, graduation is coming and next year I won’t be here. It is easy to say things like “Oh, I’ll do that next year” but there is no next year; You are starting anew chapter of your life. It has been fun, and it is definitely a time where you are trying to squeeze things in but also enjoy the last moments you have with your friends from High School.

    B: Any piece of advice you’d give to any young girl or person that is going into high school? ( whether it’s about school, friends, clubs, fitting in, etc)

    S: I would say that the friend group you start High School with may or may not be the friend group you end with. You might not have a ton of friends going into school but as you grow, each year, you’ll start getting more friends and fitting in. Even if it doesn’t feel that way at first, it is not always like that; You will definitely find your people!. Also, your extracurriculars really do matter, especially by senior year. Make sure you are going out and actually doing something during High School. Like, join a club, volunteer, and work hard ( because grades do matter! even as a freshman!)

    B: Merciii ( thank you in French)

    S: Yesss

    Safaa and I at the Homecoming Pep Rally, junior year

    I have known Safaa since my freshman year, but we became best friends sophomore year once the Zoom screens were ditched and we returned to school in person. From surviving AP Human to attending every football game, we have gone through the motions of High School as a team, and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend these formative years with. I am eternally grateful for her friendship and cannot wait to see her take on the world, as I know she is capable of that and more. #SafaaWorldDomination2050

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