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Staff Spotlight: Ms. Schields

Sporting a fashionable tinfoil hat, Ms Schields is ready for what the solar eclipse has to offer. (Kamali McGee)

I chose to spotlight Ms. Claire Shields because she’s a fantastic addition to the LHS team. Even though she joined a bit later in the school year due to her husband’s move from Texas to Williamsburg, her engaging storytelling, life experiences, and dedication stood out to me. As a new face at LHS, she brings a fresh perspective and lots of enthusiasm to her role as a history teacher. Her presence is already making a positive impact, showing a genuine passion for teaching and learning.

Background Questions:

– **Where are you from originally?**
Ms. Shields hails from Pasadena, CA.

“Capturing the breathtaking overview of Pasadena, Ms. Shields. Hometown (Jamie Pham)

– How long have you been teaching, and how long at LHS?
– With a total of 18 years in teaching, Ms. Shields just completed her first year at LHS.

– Where did you go to college?
She earned her Bachelor of History from the University of San Diego, pursued her Master of Architecture at UCLA, and later attained a Master of Secondary Education from the University of Arizona.

Capturing a piece of California. Ms. Shields’ signature UCLA hat adds a touch of West Coast flair to the LHS scene.

– What subject(s) do you teach?
Ms. Shields teaches all English and History subjects.

– Why did you become a teacher?
– Her passion lies in witnessing students piece together elements to grasp a complete understanding of how the world has evolved and where they fit into the equation.

– Why did you come to LHS and how many years have you been here?
– Relocating from Texas due to her husband’s job in Williamsburg, Ms. Shields made the move to LHS just recently.

– What do you love about your job?
– Without hesitation, Ms. Shields expresses her love for her students as the driving force behind her work.

Fun Follow-on Options:

– If you could choose to be born in another time, which one would you choose and why?
– Ms. Shields would opt for Ancient Egypt during the time of Ptolemy Cleopatra in 34 C.E.

– Do you have any advice for young people today?
– Her advice echoes a spirit of adventure: “Try everything twice; you may not know if your first reaction of fear can be overcome by enjoyment.”

– When you were in High School, what was your dream job?
– Interestingly, Ms. Shields dreamed of becoming a History Teacher even during her own high school days.

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