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Staff Spotlight: Barbara Norton!

There’s More than Meets the Eye to Everyone’s Favorite AP Psych Teacher
Barabara Norton
Ozzie Sibley
Barabara Norton

Mrs. Norton has been a teacher at Lafayette High School for nearly two decades. She teaches AP Psychology and Gov. Many students love Mrs. Norton for a plethora of reasons; her fun but determined attitude, dedication to her students… her coveted candy drawer (and so much more.) Personally, I had freshman year World History II with Ms. Norton and have B Day lunches in her room this year with Q Trowbridge and AJ Koval, among other spontaneous visitors. But how does Mrs. Norton feel about us students? And what lies beyond her life inside Lafayette High School?

The fun never ends in Mrs. Nortons class, on Spirit week two LHS students (Q Trowbridge and AJ Koval) strike a pose at lunch. (Cavin Grantz)

We sat down with her to find out just that. Here’s how it went:

Q: What is one of your hidden talents?

A: Oil Painting.

Q: How do you spend your summer breaks?

A: Visiting relatives and catching up with stuff that needs to be done at my house.

Q: If you won the lottery and decided to give up teaching what would you do instead?

A: Move to Colorado, buy a studio, and I would do Stained Glass (another hidden talent!), oil painting, and all sorts of stuff.

Q: What makes a good day at school?

A: I know this sounds corny. Students who seem happy. Not sad… [So not often.] Nope.

Q: What accomplishment fills you with the most  pride?

A: My children. I have three.

Q: How do you keep things fresh in your classroom?

A: All you have to do is  be optimistic and be someone who’s always going to learn.

Q: Are there any embarrassing teaching moments you’re willing to share?

A: Ha- Yeah, but I- Some of ’em I’m ot sharing no matter what. No. Never mind on that one.

Q: What’s the best thing about being a teacher?

A: Probably watching kids grow. It’s actually kind of funny that when you become a parent, its a scary thing, once your  kids grow there’s no going back. At least with students you keep getting a new batch. I hate freshmen though.

Q: Watching them grow: Physically or Academically?

A: Both! Yeah you guys really morph, you’re not even human when you come in as freshmen. Hahaha.

Q: What’s the worst thing about being a teacher?

A: The disrespect from the general population about teachers. Yeah its the complete blackmailing of teachers into accepting less than what they’re worth. They’ve been doing it since we first started teaching.

Q: In which other teachers class would you like to enroll?

A: Oh. Sign Language. I just want to learn it more.

Q: What current trends are baffling to you? Or do you even notice trends?

A: Actually, I do notice trends. And what’s baffling to me is – I know you’re not going to like this – its the trend of trying to get away with the least amount of work. [Haha that’s pretty topical, I was supposed to do this article last week.] No! Youre procrastinating, that’s not the same as lacking a work ethic. You don’t have a work ethic? [No I’m not saying that!]

Q: What differences do you see in your morning students vs your afternoon students?

A: My morning students are more fun, my afternoon students can be kind of a washout. Sometimes. Not always though.

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