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    Senior spotlight: Emily Reynolds

    Senior Spotlight

    S: What has been the most memorable part of your high school experience?

    E: “I was chosen as the Girls State participant from Lafayette and got to stay on a college campus for a week during summer. It was an amazing experience where we made a mock government, and I met so many amazing passionate and sweet girls. My favorite memory was thinking of a speech two minutes before I had to give it, and then getting up in front of 150 girls to run for the position of party clerk. I went through three rounds of stressful voting, and in the end, I won the election. I’ll never forget how supportive the girls in my city were, and how much confidence I gained from that week.”

    This is Emily at ODU after winning her first grave for ODUMUNC!

    S: Which class or teacher had the biggest impact on you, and why?

    E: “Mrs. Wright had the biggest impact because she encourages my love for history and politics and was always extremely excited to see me and supportive or everything I do!”

    S: What extracurricular activity or project are you most proud of, and why?

    E:  “senior year I hosted the first LHS model U.N. conference which was the first high school conference in the area! It took place on a weekend and was a great opportunity for our club members to get real experience. This conference was part of my honors project and was a big accomplishment I worked on all year.”


    S: What is the most important lesson high school has taught you?

    E: “You need to stay true to yourself and not worry about other people at the end of the day their opinions don’t matter. at the end of the day, you want to look back on your actions with pride.”

    This is Emily hosting the first model U.N. conference. Read about her experience under the question about the project she is most proud of.


    S: Tell us what your plans are after graduation?

    E: “I will be college of William and Mary most likely I’m still undecided as of right now. I hope to major in government or public policy and then go to grad school to do something in the field of political science of government.”


    S: When you have free time what do you like to do?

    E: “So, I really don’t have free time you know that but when I do have free time, I love hangout with my friends, hanging out with my boyfriend (Ben Green), Getting a sweat treat I already got one today, going on coffee runs. I play piano and tennis not only for Lafayette but also in my free time and I watch shows when I have time, I’m really obsessed with the British baking show right now, I love listening to Taylor Swift, Noah Khan, Zach Bryan and Hozier.”

    S: Any advice for incoming freshmen?

    E: “For incoming freshman, I would say don’t feed into the typical mentality. Be your own person and don’t worry about what other people think of that. I would also say get involved, take advantage of all the different thing that Lafayette ledger offers. Don’t be fearful of new experiences meeting new people or tying out new things because there is always something to be learned.  Also get late arrive your senior year, DO IT!”

    Here Emily is at yet another Model U.N. conference in Washington D.C. Here she is taking some extra free time to go to take a look at the plants.

    S: what are you most looking forward to at college?

    E: “I’m looking forward to so many things in college. I’m looking forward to being around smart and dedicated people who are just as passionate as you are, and who are just as hard working. I’m really excited to be in a big, beautiful campus and not having to deal with cramped hallways. Also to sleep in the morning I know that basic but I’m excited for that! I’m also looking forward to taking the opportunity to dive into different classes and learn new things and explore new things in my potential career field an

    d figuring out what I exactly want to do with my major and Internships!”

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