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Spotlight On Nazzier Wolmart

My story is about one of my best friends that grew up rough but should that you can do anything on how he never gave up.
Naz’s father
Naz when he was about 1 year old
Naz thinks he look’s good in this picture when he was about 10 years old.
Where it all started when Nazz’s mom was born with a hole in her heart and wasn’t supposed to survive birth and ended up having open heart surgery as an infant. She ended up persevering and pushing through and still does to this day. She wasn’t supposed to have kids and somehow managed to have 3. Growing up every day was pretty hard because my mom couldn’t work as much so she wasn’t able to get a lot of the stuff we wanted but always managed to pull off miracles when it counted. He used to live in Richmond where Naz used to get into a lot of trouble before moving here midway through preschool. His father was hardly around so it was just him my siblings and my mom. In Richmond, he was in trouble a lot for fighting or just misbehaving. He had to deal with seeing not only his mom but also his brother abused until his mom finally decided to leave his sister’s father. he thought moving helped him realize what his mom was going through, and he grew up early and decided to start behaving differently because it wasn’t good for her health. They ended up moving to get away and start fresh the 4 of us lived in a hot hell until he found a place of our own, but my grandparents had to move into our 2 bedrooms. He stayed in Grove for a year sharing a bedroom with 4 other people and ended up back in a hotel for 2 more years before moving to where Naz lived now in 5th grade. It’s not the best but he couldn’t complain. When he was growing up his mom always told him that he should enjoy what he had. As long as he had clothes on, their back food on the table, and a roof over their heads they were fine. He thought football helped him a lot because he was able to escape from reality and put his emotions into the sport. His grandfather taught him at a young age to always keep some money in his pocket so since he was in the second grade he was working with him doing little things like picking up sticks. Until Naz was older and was able to do more. He felt good having his own money and it was less my mom had to worry about.

He went to 3 different elementary schools all he had to think he liked Matthew Whaley better and it may be because he spent the most time there he went to Matthew Whaley for kindergarten, 1,3,4 and the majority of the friends he made there he still talks to they used to play soccer, basketball, and kickball at recess every day he felt like in school he was always able to bond with anyone even still now.

James River was supposed to be tricky because he was going to a new school, and everyone knew each other already. But when he moved he had a neighbor(little Howard Fogg) and they used to hang out all the time they had a huge yard and all summer they would just bond, Howard was Naz’s best friend going into the school year so all his friends became his friends and it was really fun having someone he could hang out with all the time because living in a hotel there weren’t other kids around.

Clara Byrd Baker Naz had the same situation where he moved in and he had made a friend who also just moved his mom introduced them and they clicked instantly sat outside ate grapes and played with the football and then it turned out it was a lot of kids in our neighborhood and they all just played football together and they would hang out every day at school they played football every day until they got in trouble for tackling each other.

Naz holding the regional champ’s trophy for the Lafeyette football team.

Going into high school he was nervous but ready, he’s been waiting to play high school football and just ready to go which he’s been looking for a while now. but even as a freshman he started and had decent stats and he could hold his own and showed that he deserved to be there, and he was in the gym every single day and was on the football field.

training almost every day and still even with all that he was working two jobs just to help out with the family and feed himself and his family. He then for the remainder of his high school career was getting schoolwork done and still going from job to job and still making money for his family.

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