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    Caleb Thompson

    Life of Caleb Thompson
    Tabitha Thompson
    This is a pic of Caleb getting Christmas decorations out of the attic.

    Caleb Thompson is a senior at Lafayette high school. He is 5’8 with brown eyes and curly hair. He is a very friendly person and pretty funny. He used to play football for the JV team his sophomore year. He is my friend, so I decided to write an article

    This image is Caleb, his sister, and Delaney; at the beach. (Someone Caleb Knows)

    on him for Senior spotlight. I asked him some various questions pertaining to the senior spotlight questions. The first question I asked was “what the most memorable part of your high school has been experience?” to which he answered, “The most memorable part of my high school experience has been having fun in classes and joking around with my friends.” The second question that I asked him was “What is the most important lesson high school has taught you?” He then answered my question with “High school has taught me to appreciate everything because it will be over before you know it.” Which is extremely true. The next question I asked him was “how have you changed since freshman year?” He answered with “I’ve branched out since freshman year and met a lot of new people.” The next question I asked was “What do you plan to do after graduation?” He answered and told me after graduation he plans to get a job in HVAC or electrical. The next question I asked him is “what advice would you give to incoming freshman?” and he answered with “Make sure to do things and have fun with your friends because high school goes by fast.” The next question I asked was “What is one thing you think defined your high school experience?” and he answered by saying “I think the friends I have made defined my high school experience.”



    This is a pic of Caleb getting Christmas decorations out of the attic.
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