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A Profile of Aniya Everett

Meet Aniya Everett, a journalism student with an insatiable curiosity and a flair for storytelling. At 17 years old, Aniya is taking notes from her Journalism teacher, to make waves in her writing and portrayal of the media with her keen eye for detail an

Antoinette Bryant (Left) and Aniya Everett (Right) sitting in class together. (Aniya Everett)

d passion for uncovering the truth. Raised in a bustling urban environment, Aniya developed an early fascination with the power of words to shape perceptions and spark change. Her journey into journalism began with a love for writing, nurtured by hours spent divulged into magazines. Inspired by the idea of giving voice to the voiceless, Aniya chose journalism to write about the issues that fascinate her the most. Currently enrolled in Journalism at Lafayette High School, Aniya thrives in the fast-paced environment of newsrooms and deadline-driven assignments for their tenacity and relentless pursuit of the story, Aniya is often found chasing leads and conducting interviews, fueled by a desire to uncover hidden truths, and shed light


Maaliyah Outz (Left), and Aniya Everett (Right), snapping a photo in a bathroom mirror. (Aniya Everett)

on underreported issues. But Aniya’s talents extend far beyond the written word. Equipped with a keen understanding of multimedia storytelling, they are adept at harnessing the power to convey complex narratives. Joining Journalism, Aniya has become proficient in crafting immersive photo essays. Aniya’s work gathers the attention of the goers of the Lafayette Ledger. Despite their busy schedule, she remains deeply committed to producing up-to-date information and amplifying marginalized voices. Aniya’s passion for making a difference shines through in everything they do. Looking ahead, Aniya dreams of one day becoming a renowned investigative journalist, shining a light on corruption and injustice on a global scale. With their unwavering determination and dedication to ethical reporting, Aniya Everett is determined to make an irrefutable mark on journalism.

Aniya Everett, sitting in Barnes & Noble reading National Geographic. (Tarik Norris)
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