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    Ledger Member Spotlight – Cavin Grantz

    Kent Grantz
    I (pictured) am avoiding Calc homework at midnight, equipped with fishing waders, airpod maxes, a gallon of ChickFila sweet tea, and a pocket knife.

    Where are you from originall?

    Standing on the beach as the sunsets, Andrew Rutherford, Braden Stelljes, Quentin Trowbridge, and Cavin Grantz pose to capture the moment.


    I was technically born in Kansas, but I only spent a couple of months there. We quickly moved to Ft Stewart, Georgia where my sister was born. Then again after a couple years, we moved to West Point, New York. Then to Cornwall on Hudson, New York and Ft. Benning, Georgia which is where I would say my “childhood” was mainly. Finally here, Williamsburg for the last 8 years.

    What classes do you take?

    I am in Journalism, Animation, APUSH, APCALC, APLANG, Chemistry, Latin IV (good lord.), and APES. My favorites are probably APES or Lang, while my least favorite is, unequivocally, Latin. I do not enjoy Calculus, but I at least respect it.

    What’s your favorite color M&M?  Blue

    Colin, Myself, and Kent, my aforementioned brothers, stand in the dark at the trailhead of a 20+ mile backpacking trip. (Kent Grantz)

    Do you have a family?  I have a mom, dad, two brothers, a sister, two dogs and two cats.

    What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to? I would say my favorite place I have ever travelled to was Alaska. We went on a river-fishing trip in the summer of 2018. The landscape was unbelievable everywhere we went. We would just be driving for hours winding along mountains rivers and waterfalls running through them. Also all the water was the color of Glacier Freeze Gatorade not sure what that was about but it looked really cool. Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Devils Tower, and Badlands National Park are all strong contenders as well but Alaska takes the cake.

    What’s your biggest fear?  Bugs. Spindly crawly ones especially. One time I was at a campfire on the beach in Washington and at about midnight we decided to leave. We put out the fire and started gathering stuff but when I turned on my flashlight there was a ring of the most disgusting, vile, creatures of satan I’ve seen. But get this, they were all staying still. I turned my light off, then quickly back on and they HAD MOVED and froze again when the light hit them. Call me crazy but weeping angels reincarnate into tiny legs and antennae are scary.

    If you could have any talent, what would you choose?  Piano. I really wish I could play piano really well. People who can play piano are very impressive.

    What’s your favorite memory?  My favorite memory, or at least the one that comes to mind, is Seabase. The dispo picture earlier in the article is from this trip. Last summer (2023) I drove down to the Florida keys with my friends and we canoed 6 miles out to a barrier island to spend a week isolated. Spend the week fishing, boating, kayaking, snorkeling, chilling on the island, etc. The noseeums and heat were hellish but still one of the greatest trips of my life.

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