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Michel Fessler Interview

Michel Fessler
Student Michel Fessler, with BMX professional, and member of the nohatetour, Mason Ritter.

Today, I had the pleasure of sitting down with and talking to Lafayette ledger writer, Michel Fessler. The following is the questions and answers of the interview.

“Where are you from origionally?”

“I am originally from a town called “Ambridge” in Pennsylvania, about 15 or so miles outside of Pittsburgh.”

“When did you move down to Virginia?”

“I moved down here around 2009 maybe 2010, when I was about 1 or 2 years old.”

“Where do you want to go to college?”

“I would like it a lot if I could go to college at a school near Pittsburgh, but for the career I want to get into after college, I would like it if I get into a college like Syracuse.”

“What is the career you want to get into?”

“I’d like to be some form of play-by-play commentator, or a sports talk host, like Stephen A. Smith, for example. Something where I can talk about sports for a living?”

“What is your favorite three classes this year?”

“My favorite three this year, in no particular order, are Journalism, P.E., and Sports & Entertainment Marketing.”

“Who is your favorite musical artist?”

“My favorite artist has to be Yeat. I mean between his replay ability on all 7 albums and the fact that it’s a unique sound that I personally have never heard before, it’s going to Yeat.”

“What’s your favorite album ever?”

“Either going to AfterLyfe, or 2093 by, again, Yeat.”

“Do you like watching sports?”

Michel Fessler with his family while in the U.S. Virgin Islands

“Yes, I love it, it’s basically the majority of the things I do when I’m home.”

“What are your three favorite sports to watch?”

“Football, baseball, and Hockey is going to be my top three”

“What teams do you root for?”

“All of the Pittsburgh teams, so the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates; as well as the Orioles.”

“What is your dream vacation?”

“I’d love to go back to the Caribbean, specifically the U.S. Virgin Islands. I really enjoyed my time there.”

“Who are the students you talk to the most on a daily basis?”

Michel with Michael (in frame) with Landon off screen, taking the photo

“Probably Landon and Michael, I sadly don’t know their last names, but they’re both freshmen.”

Sadly, I ran out of time to ask more questions, so I had to end it off there, but it was very intriguing to learn more about the member of the Ledger.



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