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    Student Spotlight- Quentin Trowbridge

    Junior spotlight!
    Valentina Martiniello
    Laying on the floor of a classroom, Quentin, a busy student in his junior year of high school, watches various videos on his phone. Quentin relaxes in his journalism class after a long day of school and watches Instagram reels on his phone instead of working on homework.

    As an exciting and unique student involved in both the community as well as school, Quentin Trowbridge is a standout among the many juniors at Lafayette High School. Quentin Trowbridge has lived in Williamsburg for his whole life and attended Matthew Whaley Elementary, Berkeley Middle School, and is now in his third year at Lafayette High School. Quentin typically goes by his well-known “nickname” QT and is quite a character -both in school and out of school.

    Quentin Trowbridge participates in many extracurriculars and is also particularly involved in his community. Regarding school-based activities, QT spends most of his time training with the Lafayette Cross Country and Track and Field team, as well as competing in meets. Quentin has been participating in cross country and track since his freshman year of high school. Aside from running 5ks during cross country, QT’s top event in track is mainly the 1000 for indoor track or the 800/mile for outdoor track. Furthermore, Quentin is part of the Theater Stage Crew and has attended the VHSL Theater States and recently went to nationals in Alabama. Quentin states that he enjoys the social aspect of theater with his friends and likes to collaborate to help theater. As a matter of fact, Quentin has won a state medal for theater’s performance!

    Regarding activities outside of Lafayette, Quentin works with his dad’s company once a week on the weekends as a way to earn some money. QT spends his time working in the yards of houses and repairing various structures. Quentin stated that although the work might be difficult at times, it is a great way to earn some money during some free time. Quentin Trowbridge demonstrates many distinctive qualities and is an prominent member of both LHS and the outside community.

    Building a wooden chair on stage, two friends are performing an act on stage for the crowd. Quentin and his good friend Fenix participated in Lafayette’s 2024 Talent Show by building a chair. The crowd cheered as both successfully built a chair from scratch in only five minutes. (Valentina Martiniello)
    Racing to the finish line, a cross country runner known to his friends as Quentin, runs the last stretch of a cross country 5k race. Quentin races to the finish at the VHSL Cross Country State meet.
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