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Lafayette Talent Show

LHS students and staff put on a talent show for the crowd

Did you go out to support your fellow students in the talent show? On Friday March 8th Lafayette hosted a talent show. Lafayette hosted a talent show for students to express themselves and have a little fun while doing it.

Lafayette has done this talent show for several years now and it has always been a hit. Many students show up to support their fellow students and to enjoy seeing all their individual’s talents. The students that participate in the talent show also have a lot of fun doing it and really enjoy themselves. Students perform talents such as singing, playing instruments, or acting in the Lafayette talent show. Students have also performed other unique talents that have really impressed the audience and kept them entertained.

The talent show is an opportunity for students to express their creativity and take part in something along with their peers that also go to Lafayette. Students can go up there and perform or do any talent that they want to. The talent show is a judgement free zone where students get the chance to express who they really are and their real talents. This also is a way that students can get involved in school activities and be more engaged in school. It’s so important that all students feel like they have a part of school that they belong in and that they feel accepted in.

The talent show had some really good acts this year that impressed the whole audience. Many people performed songs and dances and acted out skits for the audience. One interesting thing that one student did is he actually built a chair on the stage with his friend. The audience was very amazed and impressed by this particular act that was performed at the talent show. One LHS student performed the song “since you’ve been gone” by Kelly Clarkson in the talent show and did a really good job. Another special performance from the talent show was Mr. Ekstrom’s piano battle performance. Mr. Ekstrom isn’t just a math teacher, but he also doubles as a performer and has hidden musical talents we didn’t know about.

There was a large turnout at the Lafayette talent show last Friday to support all the contestants or participants. The audience was mainly members of theatre and parents but there was still a good number of students and peers in the audience. Many enjoyed watching the talent show this year and thought that it was really fun. One student in particular Mandi Lynch was super impressed by all the acts in the talent show and had a really good time. “It wasn’t what I expected, I had fun watching all the different types of talents students were performing and it was a really good experience I got to have with my close friends”.

Overall, I think the talent show was a really good opportunity for the students performing. it was also a good experience for the students because they get to see all of these unique talents.

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