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Joe Biden – The Worst President

How did Joe Biden get any votes?
Joe Biden looking confused and lost per usual.

The leadership of our President is under constant scrutiny. In the case of Joe Biden, the 46th president of the nation, is in my opinion the worst president the United States has ever had. From economic disasters to the border crisis, and high gas prices, his administration has faced significant backlash and rightfully so, leading many to question his ability to serve our great country. In this article, I will dive into some of the key issues under Biden’s presidency, including soaring inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, a surge in illegal immigration, and SO much more.

Joe Biden has the worst approval ratings of any president in US history.  As of March 2024, according to recent polls, Joe Biden faces significant disapproval, with approximately 58% of Americans expressing discontent with his performance. These sentiments may reflect various factors such as economic concerns, handling of domestic issues, or dissatisfaction with specific policy decisions. As the political landscape evolves, Biden’s administration continues to grapple with public opinion challenges while striving to address the diverse needs and expectations of the American population.

Let’s dive into some of the statistics from Biden’s administration. Since Joe Biden took office the rate of inflation has skyrocketed. For example, In 2021 in January when Trump was about to leave office the inflation rate was 1.4% and by the end of 2021 it was 7% and continued to stay in the 6 and 7 percentiles while Biden has been in office. Inflation causes groceries, gas, housing, cars and everything’s price to go up. The gas price average has been $3.70 under Biden while under Trump the gas a

Biden’s Border Crisis shows all the illegal alien’s trying to cross the border.

verage was around $2.40. Under the Biden administration food prices have increased 20.3%.

Joe Biden has caused a crisis at our border by letting millions of illegal immigrants in our

country. Since Joe Biden took office a ridiculous number of illegal aliens have been let into our country. His lack of border security has allowed over 7.2 million illegals to enter our country and he has not done a single thing about it. This is causing increases in crime all over the United States, the illegals are bringing in drugs, weapons, and even human trafficking is happening.  One such crime that has taken place is the murder of Laken Riley, a innocent young woman, who was killed by an illegal alien who should never have been here.  If we had strict border control and stopped letting people who don’t belong here in, I think it is safe to say that Laken Riley would still be here with us today. If you want to come into our great country you need to do it the right way I don’t care how long it takes you should never be allowed to enter illegally.

In conclusion, Joe Biden is obviously not fit to serve as president. He shows so many signs of having memory loss and physical incapabilities. He goes on tangents, thinks people that are dead are still alive, falls down, constantly doesn’t know what way to go off stage at an event, never makes sense when he speaks as

Polls showing Trump beating Biden in the election.

he will jumble up his words or literally just speak pure gibberish. I think it is pretty sad that we have a president that has all these issues and even worse he has to have a notecard with him when he does speeches that tells him how to greet the audience, and how to answer reporters.  A competent president can do a simple press conference, Biden is obviously not competent.


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