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Kim Jung Un: Glorious Leader!

Is he truly as glorious as they say he is?
North Korean State
North Korean president Kim Jung Un sitting at the head seat in a government building.

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, has a fascinating story. Born on January 8, 1984. He is the youngest son of Kim Jong Il and the grandson of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung. Kim Jong Un attended the private International School of Berne in Gümligen in Switzerland under the name “Chol-pak” or “Pak-chol” from 1993 to 1998. He was described as shy, a good student who got along well with his classmates, and was a basketball fan. His journey to power was not easy, as he had older brothers who were initially seen as the successors. However, after his father’s death in December 2011, Kim Jong Un became the leader and quickly took control.

Dmitry Medvedev and Kim Jong-il. (RPEO)

Kim Jong Un is known for being tough and unpredictable. He rules North Korea with a tight grip, and his government is known for its strict rules and human rights issues for example, the internment camps. The internment camps are located in central and northeastern North Korea. They consist of many prison labour colonies hidden away in mountain valleys, completely isolated from the outside world. The total number of prisoners who are incarcerated in the camps is estimated to range from 80,000 to 200,000. He has also pushed for North Korea to have nuclear weapons, which has caused tensions with the United States and other countries.

Kim Jung Un meeting female DPRK soldiers. (Sipa USA)

Despite his tough image, Kim Jong Un has also tried to make peace with other countries. He met with South Korea’s president and even met with U.S. President Donald Trump.  Because Trump became obsessed with North Korea after Pyongyang launched its first-ever intercontinental ballistic missile in 2017. He threatened to go to nuclear war to stop Kim from developing his program, and Kim threatened his own attacks unless the U.S. backed off. These meetings were seen as big steps forward, but they didn’t lead to much progress in getting rid of North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump as a nuclear mushroom cloud. (PickPik)

Not much is known about Kim Jong Un’s personal life. He is believed to be married and have at least one child. The rumors were proven true recently when his daughter Ju Ae appeared on National Television. There have been rumors about his health during Covid-19, but he has appeared in public looking strong and plump.

As the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un faces many challenges, like a struggling economy and tensions with other countries liked the United States. How he deals with these challenges will shape the future of North Korea and the region.

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