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2093 Album Review

Is Yeat’s newest album his best yet?
The album cover for Yeat’s project 2093’s Phase 1 and 2. Courtesy of Field Trip Recording

On February 16, 2024, Oregon born rapper Yeat released his newest album ‘2093’. This is the follow-up project to his 2023 project ‘AftërLyfe’, which also released in February, This album took almost one whole year to come out, the longest Yeat has ever taken in-between projects in his career.

2093 has one predominant storyline, which is that the album takes you into the mind of a CEO, who, at the beginning of the album, refers to himself as a god, and as the album progresses, goes from referring to himself as a god, to saying he is the only god, to coming around full circle and realizing that they have a mental illness. Another storyline on the album is that it’s all a metaphor for being sober, which as of October last year, Yeat has confirmed he is. The album is set in a dystopian society in the future, specifically the year 2093.

The first song on the album is our first introduction to the CEO, called Psycho CEO. Psycho CEO, is similar to most of Yeat’s older music before this and is similar to most other rap songs in term of lyricism, which consists mostly of bragging about wealth, and being better than everyone else in 2093. It’s a very good song overall

The second song on the LP is titled ‘Power Trip’. This song features vocals from Childish Gambino in the second part of the song. This song really solidifies the ‘futuristic’ style of the album, which beats all sound like they come from a different planet. This song is also mostly braggadocious, but with some lyrics that make him look like Shakespeare, with meaningful lyrics about his relationship, and about, how the songs title suggests, his frequent power trips, claiming repeatedly that he “Might kill ’em and drop ’em dead” on the song. He raps about crime, specifically murder, and about his guns frequently on the song. The second part of the song, is all about his sober journey and about his relationship, and his problems with trust in said relationship.

The third song on the album ‘Breathe’ is currently the most popular song on the album. It’s high-paced, and aggressive beat stands out as unique on the album, an album full of slower-paced, more chill songs. The song was originally previewed in a club in France, while Yeat was there for fashion week, and recorded and put onto ‘SymoneRy’, Yeat’s girlfriend’s instagram story. It then from there went viral and quckly gained a lot of hype, leading up to it’s release. The song currently sits at over 10 million streams on spotify.

Morë is song #4 on the project, and is one of the more lyrical songs. The song delves into the CEO “losing control” (likely through the use of drugs” and talking about his money, but also the bad things about him and his arrogance to people below him, with lines such as “I p*ss diamonds I’m a rich f*ck”, “I’m a selfish f*ck, yeah I need more”, and “No you can’t get in with us you stupid f*ck.” He also starts the song off with lines about trust and losing control, saying “I was tryna lie you tried to lie more” and “I don’t like having the wheel, matter of fact i love losin’ control, playing with that mind’s remote control” and justifying him ‘losing control’ by saying that “I can lose control, I’m a CEO” and saying that only he’s allowed to because “You can’t lose control, sh*t, because you don’t have self control.”

Track five, ‘Bought The Earth’ is mostly about the CEO questioning if he’s wrong for acting the way he does, asking himself “Am I wrong for being selfish? Am I wrong for putting me first,” it also delves into his path to sobriety, stating that he’s “Off the drugs but I miss them,” then after that, starts going back to talking about his immense wealth, claiming that he has enough money to “Buy the earth,” and bragging about how he made more money than most people ever did and saying, and saying how his contemporaries are childish, claiming that they want him to “Tuck them into bed and read them books all life.”

Track six, is called “Nothing Changë,” and was originally previewed in a now deleted instagram post on October 7th, 2023. The song is about his lavish lifestyle, claiming to have spent over $1,000,000 in a couple of sporadic purchases. He then goes onto explain why he took pills, and why it’s been hard for him to quit with the lines “I just wanna feel things I wanna feel real; I wanna feel like (a) normal human (and i) don’t wanna pop a pill; Used to be popping percocet like sh*t was f*cking candy.” This expands on the storyline about Yeat’s journey and struggles through sobriety. He also expands on the CEO in a dystopian society storyline, with the line “Dystopian society on silent hill.”

U Should Know is the 7th song. Despite being earlier in the tracklist than ‘Riot & Set It Off,’ it’s the song with the second music video released.

A screenshot of the “U Should Know” music video, released on Feb. 23, in which Yeat is riding on the back of a moving car (Michel Fessler)

The song consists of talking down about his contemporaries, with lines like “I know you say you know me, I know you know you think you different; I know you think you gettin’ a lot of money you don’t got no women; I know you say you got the finest cars, you ain’t got no engines,” and more lines about his sobriety like “On this life you could never get enough; On a pill, you could never feel numb.”

Song 8 is ‘Lyfestylë,’ and is the second song on the album with a feature, and the first song that lists the feature on the song title, that feature being ‘Lil Wayne.’ The song was previewed on instagram in November. This song starts with him bosting about his achievements, with lyrics like “I payed the price, I’m not surprised I live this life,” “Could you work around the clock all night? Could you work on the job all night?”

Song 9 is ‘ILUV,’ and samples Crystal Castles’s “Fleece,” to make a hit that will be played for years. As you could probably assume, the song starts with listing things Yeat likes doing “I Love when you rage with me, I love when you stay with me; I love when you show love; I love when I go up cause I go up all the time; I love when they hate, oh, I love it.” He AGAIN, also expands on the CEO storyline: “I’ma buy your f*cking company and sell your hard work for a dime.” The majority of the song is just listing things he likes to do while throwing in some loving things like “I know you need to cry so here’s a shoulder,” and some things that show his power like the aforementioned quote, “I’ma buy your f*cking company and sell your hard work for a dime.”

Song 10, titled ‘Tell më,’ is a song that defines the concept of 2093 in my opinion. The song talks about how we’re headed towards a “Hell on Earth.” On the song he claims that he “writes his sins off,” which could be a reference to how the CEO thinks he’s the highest power. He also claims that he’s warning everyone and everyone doesn’t care, which he says in the lines “Do what you want, I wont hold the gun, I won’t hold a grudge. But imagine me there, with a dead blank stare. I was trying to warn you, but it seem like you don’t care,” and says that “2-0-9-3 is not for you.”

Shade is song 11, and has themes of defiance, personal reflection, and self-assurance. Starting off with “F*ck off,” and then claiming that people can’t be “Mad that he’s well off,” “Can’t be mad that I did this sh*t,” “Can’t be mad that I told this bi*ch (that) you a dumb motherf*cker.” He also says that he’s “Made the whole world his bi*ch,” and that he “doesn’t like the talk, so he pleads the 5th.” He’s talking about this because the person he’s talking to didn’t like to talk to him when he was broke, before he blew up, with lines like “I was broke I was down I was down bad, now I’m up now I’m really up, I was outside when you ain’t give a f*ck.”

Track 12, ‘Keep Pushin’ is by far one of the worst songs on the album, although that doesn’t mean that the song itself is bad. Keep pushin DOES fit in with the overall sound and theme of the album, but personally, it just hasn’t “clicked” as much as the other songs. Overall, it’s not bad, but you need to be in a specific mood in order to truly enjoy it, and for me, I have rarely been in that mood while listening to this song, It’s just personally not my style.

Riot & Set it off, the 13th track, is, for lack of a better term, a masterpiece.

A screenshot of the “Riot & Set it off” Music video, released on 2/16/24. (Michel Fessler)

From the instruments in the beginning, to the lead up to the main part, to the “riot” adlibs in the back, to the second half of the song which is basically a different song, to the music video that was released (which at the end featured the tracklist for the upcoming “Phase 2,”) this track is perfect.

The music video tells it’s own story and, while graphic, is still an amazing piece of art by Yeat. This song has been one of the most anticipated songs on the whole album, after beinf previewed in and Instagram live on October 10th, 2023.

After Riot & Set it off, is Team ceo. Team ceo follows suit of Riot and delivers an incredible song, incorporating the experimental and futuristic sound perfectly. He starts out saying that he can “make every god cry;” and that he can “see the furure with one eye,” and “he knows what happens when you die.” He also recognizes his past mistakes in his drug use with the line “way too many x pills for one album.” He also comments on how many people dislike his sounmd, “They may not get this shit at first,” and claims its like “fitting all that Porsche up inside a purse” which I can only assume means that he’s jam-packing the album full of sound. In the song he also, as usual, brags about his wealth, with lines like: “I got billion dollar money live inside a turtle,” and “I got way too much money I don’t care ’bout the price.”

2093, the 15th track, is an okay song. It’s not as elite as the other songs, despite being the title track, but it’s not as bad as some other songs. The main reason for this being that it’s the exact same song played three times, and in those three times, all it does is repeat the same lines over and over again. this song has no business being 2 1/2 minutes long, and could probably be shortened to around the 2 minute mark and still have the exact same song.

Track 16, is Stand On It, featuring Future. This song is much better than the song that came before it, while still being a little repetitive. Yeat’s verse is, again like most verses, braggadocios. He talks about how if hes not making money, then he quote “got him some withdraws,” and how if he’s “not at the top, then he wont do it at all.” Future’s verse is, well dissapoiting. All he really talks about is his use of illicit substances, and how he also “put this sh*t together for a job.”

Track 17, which is in my opinion the best song on the album, and possibly the best song in Yeat’s whole discography, is titled ‘Familia.’ While the song is about Yeat’s wealth, which he clains that, when you get enough money as him you can “run the world,” he also talks about his “familia,” which is his term for his inner circle in the song. The song is all brought togerther with his out of this world sounding adlibs, which give the song a certain vibe that is unparalleled to any other song I’ve heard in my life.

Mr. Inbetweenit is track 18, which is another highly anticipated track. The song, which was first previewed on October 30th, 2023, starts out a little repetitive, then turns into this, faster paced song after the beat changes, and the vocals pause for a few seconds. The song starts with Yeat talking about stuff that, presumeably one of his close friends did. Saying that he “f*cked it up before he dreamed it,” and that they “said you wouldn’t kick it with ’em yes you did infact, when you say you wouldn’t do the things you did you did in fact.” The song gets slightly repetitive when Yeat repeats the line “I don’t f*ck with you, you can have it back” 8 times in a row, spanning over 25 seconds of the songs runtime, then immediately comes back in on a new beat, where he starts boasting about the things he’s done.

Track 19, Psychocainë, is another top tier song, which I personally think gets way too much hate for how hype the song is. Now, does the song have good lyrical content? No. Is it a little repetative at times? Yes. Does it make you wanna punch a hole in your wall and get you pumped up? Yes. That right there is the principle of this song. A song that gets you pumped up, and sounds similar to Yeat’s older style of music is something that is present at least once on every album since he moved away form his “rage” style rap.

Track 20 is “Run Thëy Mouth.” The song was originally teased on January 4th, with a snippet of the music video, which has yet to release at the time of writing this. This song follows suit of the previous track, in that it’s more of a rage style beat and sound, but it still has impeccable adlibs and an amazing sound. In the song he claims he has “4 rings, 4 albums” and then he’s “out,” which could allude to Yeat’s now deleted Instagram story where he says “Imma give yall a year of music then imma tuck away and work on something life changing, ok” which could say that he’s going to drop multiple albums this year and then work hard for a year on a project unlike we’ve ever heard before.

Track 21, “If We Being Rëal,” is another amazing song, and is the perfect song to slowly guide the listener into the pace and sound of the outro song, ‘1093.’ The song talks about his feelings of superiority with lines like “Nothing I do can be replaced,” and his power over people with the line “I’ll cut ties in your face; cut you like a lace”, it also talks about him isolating from the people he knows and switches up on then with lines like “No, I wont pick up your calls; No I don’t like you at all; I kinda wanna see you fall.”

1093, the 22nd and final song on this project, is two separate songs combined into one, both we’re teased separately, with the first part, dubbed “IFYA,” or “ALLOFYA,” was origionally previewed on November 21st, 2023, and the second part, origionally dubbed “9OFYA” was previewed on January 9th, 2024. The song is a lower paced song than we’re used to from Yeat, and a more “mellow” sounding one too. The song talks about how someone he loves plays both sides of an argument, like theres “9 of you.” The song also talks about how he’s “giving you it anyways,” because the person couldn’t handle it, and also that he’s going to take that person to the end, but that they can’t be friends, but he’ll show them the “other way.”

The two “deluxes” of the album, titled “P2,” and “P3,” came out on February 17th, and February 21st respectively, the latter being an exclusive album that was only listed on Yeat’s merchandise page for the album “,” and cost $5. The “P3” version was speculated to only have been released and available for purchase to boost sales in hopes to get #1 on billboard 200 albums chart. The album ended up debuting at #2, a new best for Yeat. 21/22 of the songs on the album were leaked on the 15th of February.


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