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The new 12 team CFB playoffs

Good or Bad?

The12 team college football playoffs were announced I think last summer, but the first season it will be played is this upcoming season 24-25. There has been a 4-team college football playoff since the 14-15 season, with the cfb playoff selection committee picking the top 4 teams in the nation to play a single elimination 4 team tournament. Before the 4 team college football playoffs, there was the BCS National championship bowl, which was the top 2 teams in the nation battling it out for the top spot.

The move to the 4-team playoff, was huge, for the fans and the teams and college football, and the broadcasting companies. Why is, there was 2 extra games, meaning about 3 times the money from tickets, advertising, concessions, tv ratings. Same with the 12 team playoff, there will be a huge increase in revenue, making tons more money in all. Some people are fans of the new version, some are probably not. I think that most people are fans of the new 12 team college football playoffs. It expands the four teams to twelve, so it makes it so there are more teams in the playoffs. Why this is good is that ere will be a opportunity for the not top 4 ranked teams to make a run for and win the college football championship.

Image result for georgia natty football
Georgia head coach gives the natty trophy a kiss.


The fans probably love it, because there will be more games to go to, more games to watch, and a good chance at a Cinderella/underdog run. Another reason this format is better is that there won’t be any argument in who is going to get in the 4-team playoff.

For example, last season there was a lot of controversy on the 3 seed and the 4 seed of the College Football Playoffs. Some people thought that the one loss Georgia Bulldogs should have gotten in over the one loss Texas Longhorns. But the huge controversy was over the Florida State Seminoles. Florida State went undefeated in the regular season and won the ACC championship. While the acc is not that very strong of a football conference, like the Big 10 or the SEC (South Eastern Conference), showing that FSU’s teams they play may not be as good as the SEC’s or the Big 10’s. Alot of people thought that Florida State Seminoles should have gotten in because they went undefeated, but in my opinion and in the College Football Playoff committee’s opinion, they should not have. Why is, Alabama beating Georgia in the SEC championship was way more impressive that any win Florida State had. Also why is that the committee can judge off of player injuries/optouts. Florida State was onto their 3rd string Quarterback at the time, and by the time before the Sugar Bowl came around versus Georgia, their 3rd string had gotten hurt, and would have had to play in the CFB semifinals with their 4th string quarterback.  With even it going as far as the state of Florida sewing the CFB playoffs

Image result for florida state football
Photo courtesy of Edge Images.








Hopeful college kicker and maybe could be in the CFB playoffs Kicker, Clarke Canova was interviewed on this subject.

“What do you think of the new format?

Canova: “I love it and the possibility of some “upsets”, similar to March Madness.”

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