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Badminton Training

A history and overview to the most intense sports training
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In recent months, a peculiar trend has emerged in the fitness world, where fitness creators are dubbing unconventional strength training exercises and impressive physical feats as “badminton training.” This trend originated from social media platforms, initially via the tik toker: @mikeymaybeme in late 2023.The trend began with his series in which he documented every day of training in preparation for a supposed badminton tournament. The trend and subsequent format have gained traction among fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike, sparking curiosity and amusement. New trends have evolved on the creativity of fitness creators and athletes alike, injecting a sense of humor and creativity into workout routines.

tiktocker training for badminton


Considering the workouts displayed it has been considered satire. The workouts displayed under the caption of badminton training are always impressive or absurd. The original creator stood out in the vast realm of fitness content by deadlifting with random items and accessories hanging from himself or the bar. The clutter Ness was also accompanied by an impressive strength. None the less What began as a playful a series of videos soon blossomed into a full-blown trend, with fitness creators across the internet adopting the hashtag #BadmintonTraining to showcase their own unconventional workouts.

Examples of “badminton training” making waves on social media involves individuals showcasing their agility and strength by executing handstand push-ups on unstable surfaces, such as Swiss balls or balance boards. Videos of other creators lifting heavy objects in unconventional ways, such as flipping tractor tires or hoisting boulders have joined the trend. Wildly impressive physiques have also been circulating online under the guise of “badminton training” or a caption resembling that of “day # training for my badminton tournament”. Despite the name, many of these feats have little resemblance to the actual sport of badminton.

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Some suggest that associating unconventional workouts with a seemingly random sport adds an element of uniqueness and humor. The humor of many of the videos comes from the irony, with the presumption that badminton is not a sport taken seriously or a sport in which the training is so intense, which is subsequently undermined, making the videos ironic.

The trend has spread to the comment sections of unrelated fitness content. Under videos of incredibly impressive athletic or strength feats user will comment: “beginner badminton training” or “are you training to start badminton training”. Poking fun at impressive creators and the new perception around badminton and its training. At its core, the trend of “badminton training” is not merely about physical fitness, but rather is about comedy and community in the pursuit of personal improvement.

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By reimagining conventional workout routines within the context of a seemingly random sport, fitness enthusiasts have found a great way to inject humor and excitement into their training sessions. Ultimately, whether the “badminton training” trend will continue for much longer remains to be seen. In the meantime, enthusiasts and spectators alike can marvel at the ingenuity and athleticism displayed in these unconventional workouts, regardless of their association with the sport of badminton. One thing is certain: in a world often filled with seriousness and repetition, the comedic and casual new fitness culture offered by this trend is a welcome one. So let us embrace the absurdity, enjoy the creativity, and train hard, like a badminton game depends on it.

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