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Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shooting

1 Person killed 21 injured

it was supposed to be an exciting day for the chiefs and the fans until and unexpected event occurred. During the end of the parade shots were fired into the crowd of Kansas City chief’s fans. 21 were injured and 1 died during surgery. the victim that died was Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a local DJ and mother of two, died in surgery after being shot. The youngest victim was a 10-Year-old just trying to have fun and support his team but ended up getting shot. This day was tragic not only for the victims but their families and friends. This horrible news blindsided everyone and many statement have been made from the Kansas City chiefs regarding the victims.


Right after the horrific event happened the Kansas City chiefs issued a statement saying that their hearts go out to the family’s that were hurt and was outraged by this act of violence. This event has brought out many emotions and has started a conversation. Joe Biden made a comment saying he wants tougher gun control. People agree with him, and some others said they should have had better security. Nobody can predict what is going to happen, but they could have certainly prevented it better.  These teenagers took it too far.

The suspects of the crime have been charged. The person who was linked to the shootings were two teenagers which are being held at juvenile detention centers on possessing a firearm and resisting arrest. They may attend a hearing that will determine if they are getting tried as adults or not. Everyone is outraged on how these teenagers acquired a gun without anyone knowing.


The media is furious and wants to make changes to the laws. I think that we shouldn’t allow teenagers to get weapons at such young age. We as a nation cannot have history repeat itself and need to fix this issue so kids don’t have to grow up without a mother. This whole situation was so unexpected and has everyone in shock especially the witnesses. imagine you go to celebrate your favorite team who just won the Superbowl, and you end up getting shot because two teenagers didn’t like the outcome of it. Some people are wondering if the parents are at fault, or it was just an unlucky situation. This makes me think if the 49ers would have won would there be children without mothers,

This picture of Parick Mahomes celebrating at the Disney parade was taken by a fan in the crowd right before the tragic event happened. (A fan)
This picture was taken by a very brave fan who was not frightened by the shooting in the parade. He caught a very horrific moment that will be remembered. This picture shows fans from the parade scatter and run to safety.

or they planned it out anyway.


To end this sad story the one and only Patrick Mahomes visited one of the kids who was shot in the hospital. This made them very happy and excited. Tayler swift donated 100,000 dollars to the persons family who passed away to try and make things right. This unfortunately is a day that no one with ever forget. All we can do now if pray for the victims in the hospital and justice is served in court.

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