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ABOUT ME! A Story Made By Me For Me

If you’re interested in knowing about the interests of the person who writes these random articles.
Ozzie Sibley

first a little introduction, my name is Ozzie, I’m 17 years old and I write articles for my school’s news letter. I draw, paint, and make stories all on my own. I’m making a comic on Webtoon called Getting Past It, which I am very proud of. I have a cat, who I love with all I have, named Princess Sillyhead Venus Jellybean Beanatries Bean Beanienza The Third, the sillyhead is silent.

Starting off with my art, I’ve been drawing and making stories since 4th grade. My first comic was about my pets,

Here is a progress photo of one of my big projects from sophomore year. The title- Sir Bink sniffs your soul *its his now*. This got into one of the big shows.

Jager my sisters dog, and Cinnamon my cat. Me and my old friend used to write stories together all the time, and I would say that she got me into all of that. This led me down the path to make my first OCS (original characters).During quarantine I did two things, paint a lot and start the making of my first official comic. I mainly did a lot of digital art on my phone using nothing but my two thumbs, and I did that for years until my mom got me a tablet for my birthday in 8th grade. I got a stylist and a drew and drew. Unfortunately that tablet got wonky and causes a lot of my old art to get lost, so I started going traditional more often. In 10th grade I took a drawing class where I met two more friends and a better art style. Currently I’m in 11th grade and taking two art classes, painting and material studies.

I believe that my art and character I’ve made shaped me to be the person who I am today. I’ve made many MANY characters throughout the years and MANY of them I’ve stopped drawing, but more I still doodle from time to time. I would talk about them and what stories I’ve made them but that would be a lot of unnecessary rambling along with a little embarrassment because my teacher probably reads this.

My proof of my minuets. This was mainly me leaving sportify on over night.

I LOVE to listen to music. In school you probably wont see me without my headphones, for many reasons, such as school is boring and most people are annoying. I make an unnecessary amount of playlists, manly for my characters, and some for a mix of certain songs I enjoy. Honestly, as of right now I’m listening too Lay All Of Your Love On Me by ABBA and probably what’s next will be some random Jhariah song. I listen to a mix of songs all day everyday, so much so that I had 74,932 minuets played last year and I hope to break that record this year.

I absolutely love cats. If that wasn’t obvious already, I have a cat. Her name is Beanz and I’ve had her for just about a year, starting March 13th. Her birthday is February 7th which is just a few days off of my birthday, the 13th. recently we celebrated it and me and my mom got her many many toys and treats. Her favorite treat was an ice cream we got her in a 10 minuet long drive. Lets just say she did not like the drive, but she did love her treat. If you want to know more about this silly kitty you can read it in my article about her.

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