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Has Amelia Earhart’s Plane Been Found?

The debate continues…

Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. On July 2, 1937, Amelia and her navigator, Fred Noonan, took off from Lae, New Guinea, o one of the last legs in their attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Their destination was Howland Island in the Pacific Ocean. But unfortunately, Amelia never made it to Howland Island. It was pretty cloudy, and the radio transmission were faulty and there was a rapidly diminishing fuel supply in her engine. Eventually she lost contact with the Itasca somewhere over the Pacific. Despite there being a huge search to look for them they have never been found. The navy eventually concluded that the plane crashed into the Pacific, and they eventually drowned. There has since been a large debate on what really happened to Amelia Earhart on that plane.


Image result for amelia earhart
Picture of Amelia Earhart in a plane


There has been lots of conspiracy theories about what happened to amelia on that day. One being that she was taken prisoner by the Japanese. It is said that when they failed to reach Howland Island, they were forced to land in Japanese-held Marshall Islands. People have said that they were captured and later died in custody. There was also another theory called the castaway theory. they said that when Amelia couldn’t find Howland Island they continued south and made an emergency landing in Nikumaroro. It is said that they lived as castaways for a period of time on the island and eventually died there.


Image result for howland island
A picture of Howland Island where Amelia was supposed to land.


But we soon may be able to put all of these theories to rest. It has been going around that they might have found the plane that Amelia Earhart was flying at the time of her disappearance. CEO of Deep-Sea Vision Tony Romeo last month on January 27th discovered debris using sonar images he is very certain belongs to Amelia Earhart’s missing Lockheed model 10-E Electra airplane.  The Discovery was made by a high-tech unmanned underwater drone and a 16-member crew that surveyed more than 5,200 square miles of ocean floor between December and September. There have also been images released of the object that they discovered which appears to look like the shape of the plane.


Image of what appears to be Amelia Earhart’s missing plane.

Bram Kleppner who is Amelia Earhart’s great nephew has stated that the Deep-Sea Visions discovery is “the most promising lead that anyone has found in almost 87 years.” He also stated that “there have been many, many searches, and really, not a single shred of evidence has ever turned up.” But that this is more likely than anything that has ever come up now that they have the right equipment to look. Now we can only hope that this really is Amelia Earhart’s plane that went missing. If they are able to get to the plane and it really is Amelia Earhart’s plane, then this might be one of the greatest mysteries that have been solved.


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