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The Treachery of the Lafayette Latin Program

A Crisis in the Language Department
Cavin Grantz
The devastating screen Latin Virtual Virginia students are met with, ever day- even breaks!

In a troubling turn of events at LHS, students enrolled in Latin classes are facing significant challenges as a result of the sudden absence of their teacher and the subsequent shift to online learning. With little consideration for the content missed during the teacher’s unexpected departure, seven Latin Level 4 students and around ten Latin Level 3 students find themselves grappling with the repercussions of a poorly administered class.

The crisis unfolded when the school administration was forced to make the decision to move the Latin class online due to the unanticipated absence of the instructor. Without adequate preparation or consideration for the unique needs of Latin students, the class was transitioned to Virtual Virginia, an online platform ill-suited to address the

Students in LHS Latin were asked to provide one word to describe what they thought of our administrators- those words were placed in a text-to-image generator and this was the result.

complexities of Latin language instruction. As a consequence of this abrupt transition, students have been left to navigate the intricacies of Latin grammar and vocabulary without the guidance and support they once relied upon. Faced with the challenge of learning a language as ancient and nuanced as Latin in a virtual environment, many students are struggling to keep pace and maintain their academic performance.

The repercussions of this crisis are significant, particularly for students at the upper levels of Latin instruction. With college admissions and GPA considerations looming large, the prospect of diminished grades and compromised academic records poses a serious threat to their future aspirations and opportunities. The consensus of us students is that we WILL get a failing grade on the final exam, so the impact on our GPAs is dependent on the weight of the exam. Unfortunately, in another administrative oversight, the syllabus lacks the information we need to properly predict if we are going to be screwed over.

Dramaticized recreation of what goes on in the Latin Classroom, everyday.

The lack of accountability and transparency surrounding the administration’s handling of the situation has only served to exacerbate tensions and deepen the sense of frustration among students and parents alike. Concerns have been raised about the failure to adequately communicate and instruct, and the apparent disregard for the well-being of those affected by the decision to shift to virtual learning.

In response to these challenges, students and parents are calling on school administrators to take immediate action to address the deficiencies in the Latin class and provide the support and resources necessary for students to succeed in their academic endeavors. Additionally, there is a growing consensus that greater transparency and communication are needed to ensure that similar crises can be averted in the future. It is the responsibility of school administrators to prioritize the needs of students and take swift and decisive action to rectify this situation before irreparable harm is done.

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