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Greta and Margot snubbed

Are the Oscars Biased?

The barbie movie has become a fan favorite after its release on July 1, 2023. It was expected to win many awards and it already has. Greta and Margot have gotten a lot of attention following the release of barbie. So, you can imagine how many people were upset when Greta and Margot were not nominated for one, but Ryan Gosling was.

Fans were not happy that Ryan was nominated but Greta and Margot weren’t. They were still happy that he got nominated they just felt Greta and Margot should have been too. The whole point of the movie was that women have to do so many things and look certain ways just to be accepted. And the Oscars ended up doing exactly what the movie was saying not to do. Ryan Gosling was the only one nominated for an Oscar so you can see why fans might be upset by it.

Even Ryan Gosling himself was upset that they both were snubbed out of an Oscar nomination. He said that he was honored to be nominated for an Oscar. But ken isn’t ken without his barbie and there was no barbie movie without Greta. It’s safe to say lots of people were upset by this.

The Hollywood box office has made it known that they would prefer men winning anyways. The entire point of the movie was that barbie didn’t need a man she was her own person. And just talking about feminism throughout the entire movie. So yes, many people were upset, and the Oscars have been facing a lot of backlashes over it.

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