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Craig Wortman Q&A

Craig Wortman, an AP Human, and World History teacher at Lafayette High School, a closer look inside the ideas of him.
Craig Wortman
Mr. Wortman sitting in his car.

Q: Where did you grow up?

A: I grew up in upstate New York, in Terrytown.

Q: How tall are you?

A: 6’1

Q: Do you have pets and what are their names?

A: I have two greyhounds they are both boys and they are named Dunkin and Boogey. As in boogey down.

Mr. Wortman’s dog Duncan in his kitchen. (Craig Wortman)

Q: What do you like about YouTube shorts?

A: It just depends, sometimes things popup that are interesting, then you watch one thing that shows up, then you watch another. I like watching a lot of music online and also a lot of surfing videos, and mountain biking related videos. The most common thing I watch is a surfer named Jamie Obrian.

Q What’s your goal in life?

A: I’m doing my goal in life, I like teaching and helping develop kids talents and become adults and citizens of the world.

Q: Ketchup or Mustard

A: I hate both ketchup and mustard. I don’t know anyone that puts ketchup on a hotdog, but people do probably.

Q: Best invention in your lifetime?

A: The Internet

Q: Dream Car

A: 1985 Porsche 911, I love the combination of the style and performance and they were my favorite cars when I was younger and I always really wanted one, I owned a Volkswagen GTI when I was younger and I really like it, I also like all kinds of Jeeps.

Q: Have you ever lived outside the country, what was your favorite part?

A: I have, Australia, it is a very outdoorsy space, and people take advantage of those surroundings, and Australians are very similar to Americans as in we have a lot in common, but we also have a lot of differences, so its like I’m at home but not at the same time, plus the beaches are great.

Q: If you had a different job other than teaching, what would it be?

A: I’d like to be a tour guide and takes groups of people to European cities and things like that, I’d like to lead tours, high school age kids or older people. I would also like to be a writer or a college professor, I have goals of being a high school administrator too.

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